Lady Gaga is the Queen!

Contrary to her subsequent outrĂ© style, the New York Post described Lady Gaga’s early look as like “a refugee from Jersey Shore” with “big black hair, heavy eye makeup and tight, revealing clothes. Gaga is a natural brunette, however she bleached her hair blonde, because she was often mistaken for Amy Winehouse. She often refers to her fans as her ‘little monsters’ and got a tattoo with that inscription as a tribute. She has another six known tattoos, among them a peace symbol, which was inspired by John Lennon whom she stated was her hero, and a curling German script on her left arm which quotes the poet Rainer Maria Rilke, her favorite philosopher, commenting that his “philosophy of solitude” spoke to her.Toward the end of 2008, comparisons were made between the fashions of Lady Gaga and recording artist Christina Aguilera, noting similarities in their styling, hair, and make-up. Now, as the newly crowned “Queen of Twitter”, fans can’t get enough of the quirky posts and pictures from the life of this pop sensation.

Lady Gaga has burst onto the scene as an inspiration for the music industry, and as a humanitarian. Lady Gaga has spoken at civil rights speeches, and was a campaign advocate for Barack Obama. So what makes Lady Gaga such a star? Well it all starts with the “Haus of Gaga”, the group of people who follow her around and help her create the style that makes her unique. The Haus of Gaga produces and creates the “Gaga” look, through the use of runway styles and intricate hair and makeup. It’s the Haus the makes her stage show so popular with the fans.
Lady Gaga had a rough beginning but with her first album selling millions, there is no stopping her now. Her hair is one of a kind too, just like her personality. She has recreated style from different era’s, such as the short bob and the long and wavy look popular during the “pin-up” era.

Gaga is most known for her outlandish styles, such as a bow made of her own hair, a beehive taller than anyone has done before, and even a hat made entirely from her own hair. It’s this creativity that makes Gaga who she is today, and why she keeps on growing. With each new song, she recreates herself, and makes a new image unlike any other. Make sure to check out and view our complete selection to create a style that’s unique to you!