Hair Loss

This post is to give information and educate anyone who is interested in or struggles with hair loss. There are a lot of different things that can cause hair loss. An illness or major medical procedure is one of the most common of these. When going through something like this it can cause such physical, mental, and emotional stress that you can lose large amounts of hair quite quickly. The good news about this kind of hair loss is usually the hair will grow back in as it was before.

Medication today is becoming a big part of everyday life. While some medications are necessary that does not mean they won’t have adverse effects. Many medications can cause hair loss. We don’t know all medications that cause hair loss, but we have proof of a few that do. The most common of these are medicines used in chemotherapy. If you know you are going into this treatment soon, its best to get a wig before you lose your hair. This way you can ensure you are prepared, and won’t have to go through a period of not having any hair while you try to find the right wig. It can be a very trying time, and almost everyone I know has had a family member or friend go through this. Other noted medications are anti-depressants, anti-coagualants (or blood thinning medication), and birth control pills or any other hormone changing drugs. Hair loss due to any of these should improve after going off the medicine.

When women become pregnant hormones change in their body. Although this change is natural it can cause temporary hair loss. The amount of hair loss varies from case to case, but can be light or heavy. After the pregnancy most of these cases will improve, but can take up to six months to return to normal.

Sometimes hair loss can be attributed to improper hair care. In today’s world chemical treatments on hair have become the norm. You can make your hair curly, straight, blonde, brunette, or any variation in between. While the options are nice, over processing can be extremely tough on your hair and especially your scalp. Damage done to hair will grow out and simply be cut off later. However, damage to your scalp cannot be reversed, and can lead to permanent hair loss. Once the hair follicle is damaged it cannot produce new hair. I’m not saying you should stop going to the salon, this is the best place to go. What I’m saying is be careful. Too many people (both men and women) damage their hair using in home treatmentsand chemicals. When you subject your hair to this, make sure you are using a professional stylist.

Male and female-pattern baldness is also very common. This type is genetic and occurs at a cellular level. The pattern can vary for both, but in men usually starts with a receding hair line. In women the pattern is more spotty all over.

While this post doesn’t cover everything, these are the main talking points on the subject. I hope its been helpful and if you are interested in more info or help finding a wig or hair extension store, please check out our site at