The top 10 Jessica Simpson hair extensions and wigs list is here! Looking for a hair extensions or wigs for this winter (for yourself or someone else)? We’ve reviewed a lot of wigs and extensions here at WigSuperstore over the last couple of years… but we’ve never listed them all on the one page. So here’s a comprehensive list of the Jessica Simpson top 10 hair extensions and wigs. We ranked them in order of the number purchased by our readers at Amazon. I’ve linked each piece to Amazon. All these pieces were specifically designed for Jessica Simpson by celebrity stylist Ken Paves.

Note: We’ve reviewed tons of products over the past three years. If we’ve missed one of your favorites feel free to suggest it in comments below and we’ll get a copy to our reviewers.


  1. 20″ Styleable Soft Waves Hair Extensions by Jessica Simpson hairdo
    This is the leader of the pack, mainly because of it’s length. All the Jessica Simpson pieces are great, but this is the fullest one that is twenty inches in length. This is a one piece clip in hair extensions system made with styleable heat-friendly synthetic hair.
  2. Angled Cut Synthetic Wig by Jessica Simpson Hairdo – R14-25
    a wig that is lightweight, affordable, and easy to apply. Obviously they can’t be styled like human hair, but at this price they can’t be beat. Created for Jessica Simpson by Ken Paves
  3. Clip in Bangs Jessica Simpson Ken Paves R2 Ebony
    Ladies who have always wanted bangs can now have them without the commitment of cutting your hair. Released in the third phase of the collection, these became best sellers fast, because of the quality and versatility.
  4. hairdo from Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves 14″ Clip-In Extension, Layered Flip, Sandy Blonde
    Coming in at number four on the list. The style above may have outsold these, but these are the highest quality of the whole collection. Long hair becomes thick and full, Short hair transforms to a luxurious long length, it Comes in various color shades, but can’t be Professionally colored and permed.
  5. 22″ Straight Clip-In Hair Extensions by Jessica Simpson hairdo – R14-88H
    These look and feel like natural hair – virtually undetectable. Subtle layering blends seamlessly with your own hair. Transforms short or long hair with below-the-shoulder length – quickly adds extra volume and flairCreates an easy, fashionable style.
  6. hairdo from Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves 10″ Vibralite Synthetic Clip-In Extension, Straight, Buttered Toast
    Virtually undetectable extensions at this length. They can be put in and taken out in a matter of minutes. Extensions consist of one multi-level, contoured piece that creates a fashionable style.
  7. hairdo from Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves 18″ Vibralite Synthetic Clip-In Extension, Wavy, Honey Ginger
    One of the original pieces in the collection, this has always been a solid seller. Easy to add volume to your own hair with HairDo Synthetic Clip in Hair from Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves. Use the 18″ Wavy Layered Clip in Extension and short hair transforms to luxurious below the shoulder length hair. Long hair becomes thick and full.
  8. Wrap Around Pony Synthetic Hairpiece by Jessica Simpson hairdo – R4
    the Jessica Simpson ponytail: a hairpiece that’s made for a full looking ponytail. Part of Hairdo’s new styleables collection, this 18″ long wrap-around pony adds a long, full trend-setting pony style to any woman’s hair instantly! Made with their newest Tru2Life Heat Friendly fiber Hairdo Pony hairpiece feels and styles just like your own hair! Tru2Life is conditioned to withstand heat up to 350 Farenheit / 160 Celsius. Straight fibers can be curled, and curled fiber can be straightened. Not only does these fibers style like real hair, they’re light, soft, and lustrous just like real healthy hair. With versatile styling options, now you can get the youthful flirty ponytail you’ve always wanted!
  9. hairdo from Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves 19″ Vibralite Synthetic Clip-In Extension, Layered, Straight, Chocolate Copper
    Extensions consist of one multi-level, contoured piece that creates a fashionable style. The 19″ piece is a popular mid length piece. Although these aren’t human hair, the vibralite synthetic is as close as you can get.
  10. hairdo from Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves 15″ Vibralite Synthetic Clip-In Extension, Wavy, Buttered Toast
    With 15″ of to-the-shoulder wavy hair, this accessory transforms both short and long hair into sensuous waves reminiscent of classic Hollywood glamour. Short extensions aren’t as popular overall as longer ones, but if you have thin hair that you’d like to see thicker, without going longer, this is for you.

Do you have a favorite that didn’t make the list?

  1. Awesome!!!!!!! I love all of these.Really nice wigs 🙂