Pastel Goth Wigs

Pastel Goth Wigs: 6 Wigs that Make a Bold Style Statement

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You may be looking to make an eye-catching fashion statement, have some fun, or even complete your cosplay look. In any case, pastel goth wigs might complete your look.

Pastel goth is a subculture that combines elements of goth fashion with pastel colors and cute, playful elements. This style typically involves wearing black clothing, but with pastel accents like lavender. Common accessories are chokers, platform shoes, and stuffed animals.

This article will cover top pastel goth wigs, and some good options to help you pick the best wig for you.

Pastel Goth Wigs

Gothic Lolita Wig

The Gothic Lolita Wig can be purchased for the price of $29.98 from the seller propro2016 on It has a synthetic hair construction all the way through.

It features a combination of cotton candy blue, cotton candy pink, purple, and some blonde on top. It can be parted in a variety of ways, including the free-part, the C-part, and the L-part. In addition, it is a combination of a ponytail and long, wavy hair. This particular style of wig is ideal for use in cosplay.

Pastel Pink Hair Swiss Lace Front Wig

The “PASTEL PINK HAIR Swiss Lace Front Wig” is currently being offered for sale on by CYBERVELLA. It is constructed entirely out of man-made synthetic fibers.

It is Rose Gold in color with a Black Rooted base, and it has an Extremely Long and Sleek Straight cut and style. A length of 32 inches gives this wig it’s Extremely Long and Sleek Straight look. In addition to that, it has baby hair around the edges, and it has an I Part.


The “Pup” is currently being offered for sale on by HauteHair123. The “Pupra Wig” is a dark root, a pastel purple color. It has a free parting, a bombshell style. It is a human hair blend in a layered hair style.

Generally, it could be described as a purple-pink pastel, goth style piece. Because it is constructed out of components that are a Human Hair Blending, this indicates that it is made up of both synthetic and real human hair.

It has a Premium Swiss Lace Front in its construction. This pastel goth wigs will make you stand out from the crowd and attracts a lot of attention.

Lavender pastel purple lilac / Teal Blue * Long Curly Style * Wavy Mermaid Beach Look * Natural Baby Hair *Goth

You can buy CYBERVELLA’s “Lavender pastel purple lilac / Teal Blue * Long Curly Style * Wavy Mermaid Beach Look * Natural Baby Hair *Goth” over at CYBERVELLA is the seller. It is a Synthetic Lace Front Wig constructed of 100% Synthetic Fiber materials.

This Wig Has Natural Baby Hair and a Lace Front Style. The length of the hair, which is 26 inches, is long and curly, and it has a wavy, mermaid-like beach look. It has a blend of the hues of lavender (also known as lilac) teal and blue in its design.

Black Pink Pastel Goth Wig

The “BLACK PINK PASTEL GOTH WIG” is available for $49.99 at This gorgeous black and pink wig is composed of ultra-soft and realistic kanekalon fibre of the highest quality and comes with a free wig cap!

This lovely long lolita wig can be safely fashioned with heat according to your preferences. Hair will naturally be straight, but you can create waves with a low-heat styling tool of your own. It holds up very well.

This lovely lolita wig meets the bill for every adorable girl’s demand for excellent wigs for dress-up, fashion, and play.

Maria Prismatic Rainbow

The “Maria Prismatic Rainbow” is available for $120.00 at

The Color is a lovely prismatic blend of pastel hues. This one-of-a-kind, rainbow-colored wig conceals hues of coral pink, aqua blue, lavender, grey, purple, and neon green/yellow. It ranges in length from 24″ to 29″. The hairstyle is long and wavy. In addition, it has High-quality Swiss Lace in a light beige hue.