Paula Young: Choosing a Wig that Works for You

Many women choose a wig style and color that are similar to their natural hair, while others take this opportunity to experiment with a new look.

There are several things to consider when choosing a wig, such as fiber type, style length, face shape – as well as lifestyle. These are all important factors in finding that perfect style.

Consider fiber type: synthetic vs. human hair wigs
Many women think that human hair wigs will be more natural looking. They fear that “synthetic” wigs will, in fact, look synthetic. This is not true! Each type of wig has its own unique benefits.

Synthetic wigs are the most popular because they require the least amount of care. Today’s synthetic wigs offer more styling choices, colors and unique comfort features. Shorter synthetic wigs are considered “shake-n-go,” meaning that all you do is shake them out and they look great. Longer styles simply need to be combed or finger-styled. Synthetic styles are easy to pack and take with you, and the fiber is resistant to humidity, so your style holds in any weather. One thing that’s important to remember is that you never use heat on a synthetic wig! Any heat source, such as a blow dryer – or even an open oven – can damage the fiber and ruin the wig.

Human hair wigs are extremely versatile. You can curl and style them as you would your own hair. Because they do not come pre-styled, they require more effort than synthetic wigs. Human hair wigs are ideal if you enjoy, and are skilled at, styling your own hair. Or you can take them to your regular stylist to have them styled for you.

Consider style length
As a rule, shorter “shake-n-go” styles are easiest to care for. Longer synthetic styles require a little more maintenance. A common mistake women make is choosing a style that’s too long, which might not only be more work, but may overwhelm their features.

Consider your lifestyle
What does your typical day involve? Will you be wearing your wig every day, or only occasionally? These questions, as well as others concerning your work, recreational and social activity, may affect which style you choose. Be sure to keep your typical daily or weekly activities in mind as you try different wigs.

Customizing your style
Before wearing your wig for the first time, take it to your hairstylist and have them trim the bangs and sides to suit your face. If you plan on coloring a human hair wig, we recommend having your hairstylist do it.

Choose a color that flatters
Many women feel most comfortable selecting a shade that matches their natural hair color. To do so, we recommend looking at your hair and color samples together under natural light to determine which color most closely resembles your own.

On the other hand, you certainly don’t have to choose a color identical to your own. Try going just a shade lighter or warmer than your natural color to brighten your features. You can also choose styles with highlights that feature a subtle blending of shades for added depth and dimension.

The goal is to find a shade that complements your skin tone and brings out your natural color. A mistake many women make is choosing a color that’s too dark. When in doubt, go a shade lighter. Your stylist can help you determine which shade works best for you.

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