Romantic Hairstyles

Valentines Day is coming! Whatever your plans are- a big night out, dinner at home, or spending time with your best friend eating mexican food watching 90210 (oh wait that was me in 1988 ) here are some great ideas to look your best.

One idea is a nearly undone knot. This is for medium to longer hair. First make a side part in your hair using your fingers. The part does not need to be super defined according to hairstylist Kelly Urban. Next curl all of your hair using a 1 1/2 inch curling iron. Tease your hair at the top, at the crown, then going lightly over the top layer with a comb, to smooth it. Gather your hair at the nape of your neck and secure it in a pony tail holder. Now tease the hair in the pony tail and mist the hair in a non sticky hairspray. The next step is to randomly pick out pieces from the pony tail, twist them and pin them up. Let some of the ends stick out. End with pulling a few strands from around the front and let them fall around your face. This will give you some romantic wisps and fame your face. Spray a shine spray on you hair to finish. Selena Gomez wears this style beautifully and it’s a great look for any age, Meryl Streep looks gorgeous in this.

Now let’s do a style for medium and short hair. Short hair can be a blessing and a curse- short hair is so easy for every day, but it’s harder to find a “style” for short hair when you want to do something different. The first thing to do is wash your hair and use a light styling lotion and dry it. Now make a deep side part and use a curling iron (use whichever size curling iron you wish depending on the size of curls you want) and curl your hair everywhere. Put in lots and lots of curls. Put some shine oil on your hands like Moroccan oil and go through your curls making them shiny and soft. Plus it smells delicious for you and whomever might be close! Get a hair pin or two or barrette with a flower or stone on it and pin them in your hair. You can put them on the same side or one one each. Finish your hair with a light spray if needed to hold it. This look is young and fresh and again looks good at any age.

No matter how short your hair is you can do something romantic with it. Again just take a pretty hair pin or two and pin them in your hair. First just take a little Moroccan oil, styling lotion, or hair shine and run it through your hair, then pin in the bling. It will look beautiful!

So be brave, try something new, and get out there and buy something pretty to pin in your hair or your wig. It will definitely lift your spirits, make you feel good, and add some glamour and romance to your Valentines Day!