Wig Glossary

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Banana Comb
A comb clip that is contoured and flexible featuring a strong swivel joint and snap-clip at the top

A process also known as hackling that achieves realistic color graduations in a hairpiece, extension or wig by mixing multiple fiber colors.

Butterfly Clip
A butterfly-shaped clip that holds onto hair through interlocking teeth by opening the pressure-sensitive teeth and attaching.

C3 Construction
A wig construction that is breathable, lightweight, and made of new, soft and light materials. Named for it’s attributes: cool, comfortable, and capless.

The base where the hair of a wig attaches and gets it shape.

The lightest cap available featuring maximum ventilation. Does not have the closed lace layer at the crown like a standard cap and is open-wefted in the back, sides, and crown.

Claw Clip
Attaches to hair at the crown through pressure-sensitive interlocking teeth.

A chemical process that yields the synthetic modacrylic fibers used in wigs.

The outer of three layers that compose the hair follicle. The cortex is the middle layer and is composed of keratin, moisture, and melanin that defines hair color. The medulla is the core of the hair shaft.

Gemini Clips
These clips consist of two interlocking, flat side clips that are contoured to fit closely to your head for a secure, comfortable fit and natural looking silhouette.

A wig cap featuring thin, resilient, stretchy material that molds to the shape of the head offering a lighter and more secure fit than wigs using wide stretch lace.

Kanekalon Fiber
A specific modacrylic fiber composed of the monomers acrylonitrile and vinyl chloride that are combined during the co-polymerization process.

Memory Cap
A wig cap that replaces the wide stretch lace used in most of today’s wigs with a thinner, more resilient stretch material that actually molds to the shape of the head for a lighter, more secure fit.

A labor-intensive process of hand-tying individual hair fiber to the cap for a natural look that is easy to comb and part. Typically isolated to the parted areas and the edge of the cap to conceal the material when the hair is pulled back.

A wig featuring a cool, lightweight, secure cap construction and a new fiber mix that is as soft as natural hair with enough body and memory to hold its style.

Sheer Indulgence™
A wig constructed using advanced monofilament technology allowing hair to be brushed and parted in any direction for a natural look, lightweight feel, and ultimate comfort.

Side Swipe Clip
A dual-functioning hair attachment that works as a clip-on or pocket piece. Open the pocket piece flat to style as a demi-fall or tighten the drawstring to use over a bun or as a ponytail.

Skin Part
A fixed part on a wig that creates a natural look through the illusion of skin and is cheaper to construct than a full monofilament wig.

Standard Cap
The most common and affordable cap construction featuring layers of open-wefted hair on the back and sides for ventilation and a closed lace layer at the crown. To hide the cap from visibility, the hair is often lightly teased or crimped at the crown creating natural volume.

Switch Attachment
A hair piece attachment constructed with an elastic loop like a ponytail holder.

Thin Wefts
An advanced technique that evenly distributes hair on the wig increasing comfort and making it easier to style.

A process of attaching wefted hair to the scalp by forming a base or track.

A curtain of hair created by sewing strands of hair fibers together at one end before attaching them to a cap to create a wig.

Wing Comb
Combs with evenly spaced teeth that firmly attach and interlock in and under hair when the teeth are pushed together.

An ethnic weave style featuring a relaxed texture and a crimped, course look.

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