Babe Fusion Hair Extensions

Babe Fusion Hair Extensions: 3 Dynamite Choices

Are you looking for good quality, highly rated hair extensions? You might want to consider Babe Fusion. This is a popular brand of extensions and offers multiple varieties made out of the finest materials.

In this article, we will take you through three different types of Babe Fusion Hair Extensions. 

It will also provide important application information for each so you can find your best extensions.

What Are Fusion Hair Extensions?

Fusion hair extensions are known as Keratin Bond or pre-bonded hair extensions. They are a cutting-edge way of applying hair extensions.

Unique to its kind, fusion hair extensions are provided in strands rather than wefts. This means you must apply the extension strand by strand to cover your entire head.

Fusion hair extensions are the ideal semi-permanent hair solution for those who want to wake up with lovely hair every day. It is one of the simplest hair installation procedures and allows you to arrange your hair however you want.

When properly maintained, Babe Hair Fusion extensions can last anywhere from two to four months. They can withstand up to three applications or reinstallations.

Babe Fusion Hair Extensions

18” Fusion 1

The 18” Fusion 1 method has been the one most commonly utilized by hairdressers for the longest time. Keratin bonds connect extensions to natural hair. It is a tried-and-true method of extension application.

Each extension strand already has the keratin bond pre-tipped on it, making it ready to be installed. Each strand is individually attached. This method provides movement in all 360 degrees and endless possibilities for styling.

Each set of Babe Hair extensions is crafted using only 100% human hair (Remy/Cuticle Intact). It also has gentle color treatments. These two together create a natural appearance.

The package contains 20 strands per pack of 18-inch straight fusion hair extensions that are 22 grams in weight.

The application process can take up to two or three hours. There is a maximum of a three-time application limit for extensions (with Rebonds)

22″ Fusion Straight

The 22″ Fusion Straight method has been the most popular among hairdressers for a long time. These extensions also use Keratin bonds to link extensions to natural hair. Each extension strand contains a pre-tipped keratin bond, making it ready for installation. Each strand is individually attached in order to allow 360-degree movement and maximum style options.

For a more natural appearance, each set of Babe Hair extensions is produced with 100% Remy/Cuticle-Intact human hair. They also have gentle color treatments.

The set offers 20 strands of 22-inch, 22-gram, straight fusion hair extensions per pack.

The application procedure may take up to three hours. There is a maximum application limit of three times for extensions (with Rebonds)

Synthetic Fusion Practice Hair

Synthetic Fusion has been used by hairdressers longer than any other technique!

For perfect installation of the Fusion hair extensions, they use a flat keratin tip. Hairstylists place it and heat it using an electric Melting Connector. They warm the keratin tip around the existing hair until it cools, stabilizes, and bonds.

This synthetic practice hair should only be used on a mannequin head for installation practice. Washing or heating the practice hair will result in damage.

There are 20 pieces of synthetic practice hair included in the pack.