All About Seamless Weft Hair Extensions

All About Seamless Weft Hair Extensions

. If you are looking to get hair extensions, you’ll likely come across the term “hair wefts.”

If you’re new to hair extensions, then you may not know what hair wefts are. And, if you don’t know what they are, how the heck are you supposed to know if it’s something you want or not?!

For example, you may see the term “seamless weft hair extensions” used in the description of some extensions. So, okay, now you have to figure out what “weft” means AND what it means when it’s seamless! 

There are a lot of questions that need to be answered, but you can take a deep breath and relax! To help you out here, we’ve put together a short article to cover seamless weft hair extensions and how they work.

So, not only will you know what they are, but you can decide if they offer something that would be a good fit for your style needs.

What Are Wefts?

Put simply, a hair weft is a collection of hair strands that have been sewn onto an extremely thin strip of cloth. This makes it easy for you or your stylist to attach them to your hair. The hair can become attached to that strip in a few different ways.

Some wefts are stitched by a machine, while others are sewn by hand. Weft extensions are manufactured from human hair that has been sewn onto a weft. A weft is a stripe that runs horizontally across the head.

Both have their perks, but which one you should choose depends on the type of your hairstyle. 

You may rest assured that the weft extensions will blend in perfectly with your natural hair because they are attached to your hair using very few beads. Make sure to pick a color that is the same shade as your natural hair for the most natural-looking results. Or, have the expert installing your hair extensions do this for you.

All About Seamless Weft Hair Extensions

The Bohyme® Seamless Weft is thirty percent thinner than traditional wefts. However, it still has excellent strength and durability despite its reduced thickness. They have eradicated the short return hair that is generally present along the top of standard wefts, which is the source of matting and irritation at the scalp, thanks to the cutting-edge technology developed by Bohyme.

Because of this, the Bohyme® Seamless Weft can provide a fit that is both extremely comfortable and completely natural. Their color blends may range from specialty ombré effects to iconic, classic favorites to modern-day color variations.

There is a shade for every personality, from the demure to the dramatic, and it blends in smoothly. Each Seamless Weft is available in an understated range of specialty blends and colors. It can also be custom-colored to meet the requirements of your ideal hairstyle.

The Seamless Weft is ideal for Sew-Ins, Clip-Ins, and other specialist techniques. This is because it has a weft that does not shed and can be trimmed to any width requested. Each extension is made with the same high-quality 100% Remi Human Hair that you have come to expect from Bohyme® products.


Featured image credit: “curling hair extensions” by Jessie Pearl is licensed under CC BY 2.0.