How To Find the Right Wig

How To Find the Right Wig

Purchasing a wig can be intimidating. Today I want to talk to you about a few areas you can use to simplify the process.

1. The first thing is to determin your cap size. This simply requires a tape measure. Measure the circumference of your head starting at the front of your hairline, then move behind your ear and to the nape of your neck, then back up the behind your other ear to the hairline. Remember that all brands vary slightly in size, but many of the wigs have adjustable tabs that give you around an 1” of flexibility.

2. Finding the style thats right for you requires a look at your own personal tastes, how much money you have to spend, and any special needs you may have. Depending upon your choices, you can look at a variety of wig styles available with monotop (monofilament top), capless, and 100% hand-tied cap construction. Capless wigs are the more common and are made by sewing together rows of wefts into the shape of a cap. There are more expensive versions that allow the wearer to part and comb their hair in any direction. Monofilament top (or monotop as they are normally called) wigs feature a hand-tied crown giving you more versatility to part and style your hair. The crown has a transparent micro-mesh creating the illusion that the hair is really growing from your scalp. These caps are also known as medical caps and are really popular amongst cancer patients. Last but not least, the 100% hand-tied and lace-front wigs are the most expensive but are the most flexible and comfortable.

3. There are also many different lengths of wigs out their as well. As I said before, this would fall more under a personal preferance type of decision. There is no wrong answer to the length of wig you want. Fashion and style change faster than any other industry, so my suggestion would be to find the look you want first then search for the wig based on that. Google is a powerful tool in finding exactly what you want. Simply try typing in something like long wig, short wig, or bob cut wig. Also remember once you go to that link that many sites have there own search tool to help navigate as well.

I hope this information is helpful. The most important thing to remember is someone new is picking out a wig everyday so don’t be afraid to ask questions.