Does Vanna White Wear A Wig?

Does Vanna White Wear A Wig?

In the highly competitive world of TV game shows, Wheel of Fortune has stood the test of time. This game show has been entertaining viewers for almost 50 years.

In this popular game show, competitors rush to finish challenging word puzzles to earn cash prizes. If you’ve ever watched the game show Wheel of Fortune, then you’re probably familiar with Vanna White.

Vanna White, the hostess of the game show “Wheel of Fortune” since 1982, is known for frequently showing off her extravagantly designed costumes. However, the internet is rife with speculation that she wears a wig.

Below, get the scoop on the often-asked question… does Vanna White wear a wig. Plus, learn a bit more about this TV and fashion icon.

Does Vanna White Wear A Wig?

The answer is no, Vanna White does not actually wear a wig. The hair you see in every episode of the show is her real hair. 

To the best of our knowledge, the internet rumor that says that she wears a wig is a myth. 

Vanna White does not use wigs, contrary to widespread belief. 

This rumor started when her co-host, Pat Sajak, made a bald joke for April Fool’s Day in 2008.

During the bit, Vanna White yanked off the hairpiece covering his head. Many Wheel of Fortune fans saw the bit and thought that Pat Sajak was completely bald. Including Vanna White who did not know about the fake hair ahead of time because they wanted to get a natural reaction out of her when she pulled off Sajak’s hair.

However, Sajak is not really bald. In a follow-up to that bit, they showed him in makeup, getting his real hair covered up and a wig being placed on his head.

It seems that Vanna White’s hairpiece rumors started in 2008 when the joke mentioned above was aired.

More on Vanna White

But what about Vanna White herself? Where is she now?

Many fans want to know how much Vanna White has made in her 40 years of reality TV appearances. According to sources familiar with Vanna White’s wealth, the star earns approximately $34,000 every show. Vanna has an average net worth in the multi-millions, making her one of the wealthiest TV hosts in the industry.

She is loved by viewers for the position of hostess she plays on the show. 

Vanna’s first taste of Hollywood acclaim came when she began appearing on Wheel of Fortune as a substitute TV host. Once Susan Stafford, the show’s previous letter-turner, left in 1982, Vanna was swiftly tapped to take her place. It only took the blonde beauty three months to prove herself so indispensable on the variety show that she was promoted to a permanent position.

Vanna has made a lasting impression on the history of game shows ever since. The well-liked hostess has acted in a few movies in addition to her longtime partnership with Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak.

Furthermore, the TV star’s preferred style of life includes a strong emphasis on helping others. Vanna has promised to donate 50% of her earnings to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Her association is nearing a $2,000,000 asset valuation.

Vanna is a fashionista who has been on the “Wheel of Fortune” in more than 7,000 stunning ensembles. In 2019, the variety of clothes she changed into behind the studio’s changing room door shocked viewers.


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