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Nina Designer Wig Collection and Nina Dobrev Wigs

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Nina Dobrev is a Canadian actress known for her role in Vampire Diaries. Nina’s hair has gone through different styles and colors throughout her career, but she is known for her thick, luscious brown hair.

In the later seasons of “The Vampire Diaries,” she was known for her long, wavy hair that she often wore down or in braids.

If you are looking to achieve Nina Dobrev hair, look no further! This article will detail the products in the Nina Designer Wig Collection and Nina Dobrev hair wigs to help you find your perfect product.

Nina Designer Wig Collection

Nina Designer’s Wig Collection Human Hair Black Wig

The first option of the Designer wig collection is the black wig option. You can purchase the “Nina Designer’s Wig Collection Human Hair Black Wig” from for $45.00.

This wig is colored black all the way through. It is a short, straight hairstyle with a cool edge.

It is adorned with lace all across the interior. Despite its affordable price point, it is produced with human hair. 

Nina Dobrev Long Loose Wave Human Hair Lace Front Wigs

Another option is the long loose wave.

You can purchase the “Nina Dobrev Long Loose Wave Human Hair Lace Front Wigs” from for the price of $317.73, which is a significant discount from the original price. The price was initially set at $1036.16.

It is constructed from 100% Remy Human Hair. Remy hair is a type of human hair that has been processed so that the cuticle layer remains intact. 

Remy hair can be used in hair pieces or wigs. The cuticle of the hair is preserved during the collection process of Remy hair, whereas it is stripped away from regular human hair wigs. 

This wig measures twenty inches in length and sports a wavy hairstyle. 

This product uses a lace front cap that imitates a natural hairline. 

This style looks the most natural when it is blended in with your natural skin tone. 

These wigs were designed to give the appearance of a natural hairline and add an additional layer of realism to your look.

Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev Classic

Alternatively, you can consider the classic Nina style. The “Vampire Diaries Nina Dobrev Classic” can be purchased at for the price of $131.66. Initially, its market price was $292.04.

It is sold at a lower price because it was manufactured with synthetic hair. It measures 24 inches in length and features Nina’s signature wavy hairstyle.

This product also uses a lace front cap and has a natural-looking hairline.

Nina Dobrev Fabulous

Last, if you want something glamorous and luxurious, you might consider the Fabulous wig. 

The “Nina Dobrev Fabulous” can be purchased at for the low price of $309.67 right now. The previous price was $797.82.

It is constructed using human hair as its material. Due to the fact that these are wigs made with real hair, the costs are slightly more.

It is a long and lengthy wig, with twenty inches of hair that is styled smooth and straight.

Why Buy a Nina Wig?

There are many reasons why you might want a Nina Dobrev wig. 

If you are a fan of Nina Dobrev’s work, you might want to recreate her signature hairstyle for a costume party or a cosplay event. 

Alternatively, if you are going through hair loss due to a medical condition or treatment and want a wig that resembles Nina Dobrev’s hair. 

A Nina Dobrev wig could also be used in the entertainment industry for film or TV productions that require a hairstyle similar to Nina Dobrev’s. 

Overall, a Nina Dobrev wig from this collection could be a great choice for anyone who wants to try out a new hairstyle or create a particular look.

Featured Image credit: “Nina Dobrev” by Gage Skidmore is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.