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How do I know which wig is right for me?

One of the main choices you have to make when choosing a wig is the cap construction. The hair of any wig is attached to a base known as the cap, which affects the comfort, versatility, shape, and price of the wig. Typically most wigs are constructed by attaching hair wefts by machine or hand to the cap. Determining whether you want a standard, capless, or monofilament is the first step towards purchasing your new wig.

Standard caps are the most common and affordable featuring layers of machine-sewn hair attached to the cap with a closed lace layer at the crown. The hair is pre-styled and often has natural volume at the crown because the hair is teased to conceal the cap.

Although capless wigs are similar to standard caps, their construction is more lightweight and offers better ventilation. Vertical lace strips with open spaces between the wefts at the crown, back and sides replace the closed lace layer featured in the standard cap.

Finally, monofilament wigs feature a hand-tied crown giving the wearer a natural look and increased versatility for parting and styling their hair. The crown features a transparent micro-mesh creating the illusion that hair is actually growing from the scalp. These caps are also known as medical caps for their popularity amongst cancer patients because their soft materials prevent irritation. The most expensive option is the 100% hand-tied monofilament wig, which is extremely stretchy and flexible.

Are natural human hair fibers my best option?

You may be inclined to think real human hair is a better choice than synthetic fibers, but that isn’t necessarily the case. In fact, both fibers have their pros and cons, and it is really a matter of personal preference when it comes to deciding.

Synthetic wigs composed of modacrylic fibers require less maintenance, typically cost less, and are often mistaken for real hair. These wigs come in a wide-range of styles and colors for extreme versatility, but the individual wig cannot be manipulated with styling tools and chemicals. Synthetic wigs have “memory” that allows them to maintain their pre-designed style and saves you time. Although price is an issue for many people, synthetic wigs of lesser value tend to have a lower quality, and it can become obvious the hair is not real.

Wigs made from human hair are going to have the same attributes as real hair and look the most natural. They are compatible with heat-based styling tools such as flat irons and chemicals to dye or perm hair. However, just like your real hair these wigs need to be washed and restyled, and they are susceptible to the same damage caused by mistreatment and climate reactions such as frizz. Generally, 100% human hair wigs are recommended for experienced wig wearers, but there are real and synthetic blended wigs that offer the natural look without all the effort.

Wigs constructed with human hair fibers come from four main ethnicities: Chinese, Indian, Indonesian, and Caucasian/European. The latter is the strongest and most desirable fiber for wigs, but it is the least available and most expensive. A higher quality human hair wig will feature remy hair, which is constructed in the same manner as it was attached to the scalp reducing tangles.

What size cap should I order?

You will need to determine your cap size before you purchase a wig online. The good news is you simply need a tape measure. You want to measure the circumference of your head starting at the front of your hairline, moving behind your ear to the nape of your neck, and back up the behind your other ear to the hairline. The wig will be worn at your natural hairline in the front and back of your head.

Typically, most of our customers fit into an average size cap. Keep in mind, every brand varies slightly in size, but many of the wigs have adjustable tabs that give you 1” of flexibility. For increased comfort and security, they also feature Velcro and elastic tabs in the back and in front of the ears.

How do I select the perfect color for my wig?

Choosing a hair color is an important and fun decision that can say a lot about you as a person. At we understand your hair is part of your identity, and we want to help our customers choose the right color for your skin tone and personality.

There are a lot of factors to consider when choosing a color, so we encourage you to read our information on selecting the right color for your skin tone and our color help guide. Generally, we recommend purchasing or loaning a color ring through our website and matching your natural hair color.

Selecting a fabulous hair color is not as simple as choosing blonde, red, or brunette. The more advice and information you seek, the more worthwhile your investment.

When I receive my wig will I be able to wear it right away?

In general, we recommend that our customers take their new wigs to a professional stylist since many wigs come with 10-30% too much hair. This also gives you an opportunity to have your wig customized for a beautiful, finished look.

How do I clean and protect my wig?

Depending on whether you have a wig constructed with human hair or synthetic fibers, there will be different care techniques. For both wig types, you should always store them on a mannequin or wig stand when not in use. All wigs come with manufacturer’s instructions that we recommend you follow, but keep in mind your environment and lifestyle could demand slightly different treatment. In general though, you should clean your wig every 10-14 days of wear.

Your synthetic wig should only be cleaned with products designed specifically for synthetic or blended hair. Even with human hair wigs, special products should be used because the hair has been processed for construction and is susceptible to damage, but technically you can use high-quality shampoos for chemically treated hair. Once you have shampooed and conditioned, the wig should be rinsed with cool water, blotted dry with a towel, and left to dry overnight on a wig stand.

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