Raquel Welch Couture Certified Human Hair Colors

The human hair wigs in the Raquel Welch Couture Collection are made of 100% full cuticle hair. The hair is hand-selected, tested and certified by a third party to ensure the highest level of quality. All the cuticles in these wigs run in the same direction providing hair that is softer to the touch as well as hair that looks and moves naturally. Below are the color options for the Couture Collection.

(Please note the color samples below are meant to give you a good idea of the colors available. However, they are not perfect. The color you see can vary based on the type and age of the cell phone, tablet or computer you’re viewing this page with as well as the sample, lighting and camera used to take the photos below. Visit our page on choosing the right color to see how we can help you find the perfect color for your skin tone and personality.)

Raquel Couture Remy Human Hair Wig Colors