Lace Front wigs, are they worth the price?

What is a lace front wig?

Lace front wigs have been a part of wig making for a long time. It is basically just the front piece of the wig where it meets your natural hair line. They are called “lace” because they are literally made from French or Swiss lace. This type of front piece for a wig was created for women going through hair loss because it would go on easy and match the scalp on the womens hairline very well.

How are they made?

Lace fronts are made by delicately weaving human hair or synthetic hair in a pattern that leaves small holes between the threads as its woven into the mesh of the wig. As the material is woven it is knotted into the lace which give the most natural appearance of hair growing out of the scalp. Some wigs are “hand-knotted” which means they are hand woven, making for a much higher quality wig, but also more expensive. Most lace front wigs are made from all natural human hair but can be made from synthetic fiber as well.

Who are they made for?

Everyone. A lace front wig is very popular among women who have lost their hair due to an illness or medical treatment because it is very comfortable and looks so natural. They have also become a tool in the movie business because they are more fashionable, many models and movie stars are wearing lace front wigs to change their look very easily without damaging their own hair with colors, perms, or different cuts.

How can I find one?

Contact your local wig store!