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3 Great Irish Dance Wig Options 

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Get ready to kick up your heels and jig your way through this article! We’re gonna talk about the top three wigs that’ll make you look like a real Irish dancer.

No need to be a genius, just grab a Guinness (assuming you’re old enough 😉 and let’s check out 3 incredible Irish Dance wig options available online.

3 Great Wig Options for Irish Dance 

NEW “Molly” Paula Wigs and BlingTight Curl Bun IRISH DANCE WIG Multiple Colors

NEW “Molly” Paula Wigs and BlingTight Curl Bun IRISH DANCE WIG Multiple Colors” can be purchased for $60.00 on

This product is available in eight different colors. You can get it in copper red, strong red, light brown, medium brown, brown, dark brown, nearly black, and standard black.

On eBay, it has received a hundred percent positive rating and numerous positive reviews.

Irish Dance COLOR CHOICE Shirley Temple Jaw Clip Hairpiece Collette CLOSEOUT

Irish Dance COLOR CHOICE Shirley Temple Jaw Clip Hairpiece Collette CLOSEOUT is available for $23.95 on It is available in Black, Dark Blonde, Dark Brown, Golden Blonde, Golden Brown, Light Blonde, and Light Brown.

It is comprised of synthetic materials. Despite this, it does not appear to be false hair. This makes it a wonderful option for those seeking a less expensive alternative.

Similar to the majority of Irish Dance Wigs, this one is curly. The Scarf pictured in the product images is solely featured for illustrative purposes and is not included with the purchase. The average size accommodates a head circumference between 21.5 and 22.5 inches.

Reviews indicate that it is 99.6 percent accurate to the appearance of a genuine Irish Dance hairstyle.


The “ALICE IRISH DANCING WIG – AVAILABLE IN MULTIPLE COLOURS” costs $85.73 on, making it the most expensive item on our list.

This is a brand-new item (including handcrafted items). It arrives to you in its original packaging and/or with its original tags still attached. It is a wig with loose curls and a lightweight, which makes wearing it more comfortable.

On eBay, it has a perfect 100 percent rating, indicating that most purchasers are pleased with the product.

About Irish Dancing

Irish stepdance is a genre of performance dance. It is a derivative of traditional Irish dance. In general, a rigid upper body and quick, accurate footwork characterize this dance.

It is either performed solo or in a collective. In addition to public dancing performances, there are worldwide stepdance competitions.

The art of Irish dance has evolved significantly throughout time. Modern Irish Step Dancing differs from its beginnings.

The dancing style is now much faster than it was in the past. This sport’s emphasis on athleticism has increased over time.

Additionally, today it incorporates several kicks. In the 1920s, they were nearly nonexistent. Historically, footwork and grounding were prioritized in Irish dancing. Now, the height of the kick, and air are prioritized.

The extensive prohibition of Irish culture stemmed from the British colonization of Ireland. In an effort to preserve the art form, dancing teachers would travel around Ireland and teach the illegal dance in secret.

There are historical theories as to why the early style of Irish step-dancing was slower than it is today. Some scholars cite the prevalence of Catholicism in Ireland during the period. Another story claims dancers were required to appear as if they were having the least amount of fun possible. This meant no smiling, slouching, or arm swinging.

Again, these theories are purely speculative, with little to no supporting evidence.

Whether you are an Irish dancer, or simply want to dress the part, we hope one of the Irish Dance wig options above is exactly what you’re looking for!

Featured image credit: “Irish Dance” by Dance Photographer – Brendan Lally is licensed under CC BY 2.0.