american dream clip-in hair extensions

American Dream Clip-In Hair Extensions

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American Dream Clip-In Hair Extensions

American Dream Clip-In hair extensions have become a popular choice for many women. These hair extensions are an easy way to add length and volume to your hair.

American Dream (which you may be surprised to learn is based in the UK) is a highly innovative company in the wig extension world. Below, find some of their most popular clip-in hair extensions and learn more about this great company.

Dream Deluxe 35g Single Piece Clip-In Extensions

The American Dream Deluxe 35g Clip-In extensions are made entirely of human hair. These temporary extensions are versatile and straightforward because they are made from Original Grade hair.

These Clip-In hair extensions are great for a makeover without the commitment of permanent extensions. They provide immediate makeovers with the flattest and neatest possible finish. These hairpieces weigh nearly twice as much as normal clip-ins.

These deluxe clip-ins blends smoothly and create a thicker, more voluminous hair finish, making them ideal for anyone with a lot of hair. These ready-to-wear pieces are 12″ wide by 18″ long and have six clips attached. They are made from Original Grade 100% human hair. The small, flat gate clips are lightweight and secure. If you have fine hair, you can backcomb the roots and put the clips into the backcombed hair for further grip. These hair extensions are simple to apply and provide instant volume, color, and length.

These pieces are pre-styled in a silky straight look, but they heat style beautifully with bouncy waves and curls. To match your hair, choose from a variety of natural and streaked colors.

Clip-in Single Piece 18” Long Silky Straight Extensions

These ready-to-wear pieces are 30cm / 12″ wide and have six clips attached. They are made from our Original Grade quality human hair. These lightweight, small, flat gate clips stay in your hair without slipping, no matter how fine your natural hair is. If you have fine hair, backcomb the roots and put the clips into the backcombed hair. They are simple to use and are ideal for adding volume, color, or length.

Single-piece Clip-In extensions are 12″ wide and vary in weight depending on length. They are available in lengths ranging from 14″ to 24″. These pieces are silky straight and simple to style with bouncy curls and waves. Choose from various natural, streaked, dip-dyed, and extreme colors. For a touch of ‘party bling,’ special diamante pieces provide dazzle. The weight of the clip-ins varies depending on the length you purchase; please see below:

  • 14″ Clip-Ins = 16g of hair
  • 16″ Clip-Ins = 19g of hair
  • 18″ Clip-Ins = 20g of hair
  • 20″ Clip-Ins = 22g of hair
  • 22″ Clip-Ins = 25g of hair
  • 24″ Clip-Ins = 26g of hair

About American Dream

American Dream has been in business since 1980, and the brand is famous all over the world for its unique innovations and quality. They are at the forefront of the industry and pave the way for new application methods. They have shaped the market for extensions and earned them a reputation as The Experts in Hair Extensions.

American Dream promises to provide high-quality products at the most reasonable pricing. This comes with reliable customer service and the assurance of fair trade practices. American Dream is the go-to destination for luxurious lace and fiber wigs and hair extensions. They have the largest selection of hair pieces and professional application tools for every system. This makes them a top choice among hairstylists, brides, festival goers, and patients suffering from hair loss.

They make their extensions and wigs with ethically sourced human hair or near-identical synthetic hair. The company grades the quality of its human hair. The grading scale begins with Iconic, which is their finest luxury Remy human hair, and the highest available grade, American Dream.