Can You Dye Bellami Hair Extensions?

Can You Dye Bellami Hair Extensions?

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These days, one name in human hair that’s making waves on the internet is Bellami hair extensions. Bellami hair extensions are among the highest-quality extensions you can find.

Their hair extensions and wigs are designed to last for a very long time, to be sleek and shiny, and glamorous. The real question is, can you dye Bellami hair extensions?

Read the answer to your question in this article. We will also give you tips for taking care of your extensions.

Can You Dye Bellami Hair Extensions?

The short answer to that is yes, you can dye your Bellami hair extensions. Due to the fact that Bellami hair extensions are made entirely of human hair, you are able to dye them. 

It is true that Bellami hair extensions were designed to be able to take color. Yet, it is recommended that you get a professional opinion from an experienced colorist before coloring them. Keep in mind, Bellami hair extensions are made of 100% human hair that has been through its own dyeing process.

If you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to dyeing your Bellami, you could end up shortening its lifespan. You could even cause permanent damage.

Tips on How To Dye Your Bellami Extensions

Even though your Bellamis won’t appear to have any visible signs of damage, the dying process could have some unfavorable effects on them. Remember the extensions will have been dyed and processed multiple times. So, it is recommended that you be as gentle as possible during the process of coloring them yourself.

First, identify which color of extensions you have. There are some varieties of Bellami’s extensions that are dyed multiple times. This includes the blonde, ombre, and balayage extensions. Additionally, it is recommended that you do not use any lightning or bleaching agents on them.

Next, hair stylists recommend that you get your natural hair colored and cut first. Then you can schedule an appointment for extensions. In this way, you can start fresh with your hair.

Third, get a color and make sure it’s toned the way you want it. This is important because you want to color match it as precisely as possible to your own head color.

The idea is to make the match so natural that your extensions seamlessly blend with your actual hair. The cut should also blend in with your hair so that it looks like it was always there. If you’ve already had your hair cut, both the stylist at the salon and Bellami will have an easier time working with you.

After your color has been applied, it is time for the skilled professionals at Bellami to take over. They will color-match your new extensions to your existing hair. They ensure that there is a seamless color blend by using one or two of the brand’s more than 50 different shades. Although customers have the option to choose a color that is unique to them, this service is rarely required.

In conclusion, it is possible to cause damage to your hair when you dye it, regardless of whether you are dyeing extensions or your natural hair. It is much safer to seek out professional help to give you the hair and extensions you desire.