How To Wear a Wig – 6 Things to Know

Purchasing and wearing a wig can be an intimidating if you are not sure where to begin. Whether you have never purchased a wig, or think you have gone about it incorrectly, make sure to talk to a local expert to ensure you do it right. Our simple guidelines below offer you a great place to start by selecting the right cap size, style, and color for your new investment and look.

Cap Size

Determining your cap size simply requires a tape measure. You want to measure the circumference of your head starting at the front of your hairline, moving behind your ear to the nape of your neck, and back up the behind your other ear to the hairline. Keep in mind, every brand varies slightly in size, but many of the wigs have adjustable tabs that give you 1” of flexibility.

Cap Style

Selecting your best style requires you to make decisions regarding your personal tastes, budget concerns, and individual needs. Depending upon your choices, you may find different options are not suitable. Categorically, you will need to choose your cap construction, fiber preference, and hair length.

Cap construction

There are a variety of wig styles available with capless, monofilament, and 100% hand-tied construction. Capless wigs are typically the most common and are constructed by sewing together rows of wefts into the shape of a cap. More expensive versions allow the wearer to part and comb their hair in any direction. Monofilament wigs feature a hand-tied crown giving the wearer increased versatility for parting and styling their hair. The crown features a transparent
micro-mesh creating the illusion that hair is actually growing from the scalp. These caps are also known as medical caps for their popularity amongst cancer patients. Finally, 100% hand-tied wigs are the most expensive and are extremely stretchy and flexible.

Fiber Preference

Wigs are available with synthetic or natural human hair. Both fibers have their pros and cons, and it is really a matter of personal preference when it comes to deciding. Wigs made from human hair are going to have the same attributes as real hair. They are compatible with heat-based styling tools such as flat irons and chemicals to dye or perm hair. However, just like your real hair these wigs need to be washed and restyled, and they are susceptible to the same damage caused by mistreatment and climate reactions such as frizz. Synthetic wigs composed of modacrylic fibers require less maintenance, typically cost less, and are often mistaken for real hair. These wigs come in a wide-range of styles and colors for extreme versatility, but the individual wig cannot be manipulated with styling tools and chemicals. Although price is an issue for many people, synthetic wigs of lesser value tend to have a lower quality, and it can become obvious the hair is not real.

Hair Length

Wigs are offered in long, medium, or short lengths. If you are trying to maintain your original look than chose a length similar to what previously wore to avoid a drastic change in appearance. However, if you are ready to have fun with your new wig, chose a style you’ve always wanted to try but never have. Take advantage of a shorter wig in the hot summer months and enjoy your longer hair when it cools down without waiting for your hair to grow. Embracing the versatility of our wig selection will allow you to enjoy this new part of your life.

Hair Color

Choosing a hair color is an important and fun decision that can say a lot about you as a person. Your hair is part of your identity, and you should choose the right color for your skin tone and personality. Similar to hair length, we encourage people to try new looks and embrace the unique, new image you can achieve with a wig.

The major brands offer a variety of hair colors for a woman to find her perfect match. In order to help you decide on a look that is right for you, our customer care associates and website offer necessary advice to assist you in this decision and make the process as simple as possible.

Since purchasing a wig is an investment, make sure you are satisfied with your choice. You might save a few dollars by buying your new wig or extension online, but in the end, visiting your local wig store ensures you get help with the steps noted above and find the right fit for you!