Why Use A Ventilated Wig Cap And Where To Find Them

Have you heard the term “ventilated wig cap” and aren’t exactly sure what one is?

That’s totally okay! There are a lot of terms in the wig industry that those who are new to wigs are not familiar with.

Below, we’re going to fix that for you. Here you’ll learn what ventilated wig caps are, some advantages of using them, how they differ from mesh dome caps, and where to buy ventilated wig caps. So let’s dig in, and in just a few minutes, you’ll have all you need to know!

What Is A Ventilated Wig Cap?

A ventilated wig cap refers to a specific method of attaching individual hair strands to the cap/base of a wig.

Adding more hair to a lace front wig is an easy way to explain the process of ventilating a wig. People making wigs have used traditional needles to stitch hair onto wigs for several decades now. However, this process is made a whole lot easier and quicker if you use a ventilation kit with a latch hook. (A latch hook is a specialized type of needle.)

Whether you are a professional hairdresser or not, you won’t have any trouble using a ventilated wig cap because of how inexpensive and simple they are.

Mesh Dome Cap Vs. Ventilated Wig Cap?

The mesh dome cap is similar to other types of wig caps in that it has a dome shape, but it’s styled similarly to that of a mesh. The fit of this cap can be stretched to a certain degree.

In addition to that, it features an elastic band that goes all the way around the edge of the cap. An advantage to the dome cap is that you can pull it down low and fit it securely around your head. This is an excellent cap to use with glueless wigs.

On the other hand, a ventilated wig cap does not stretch like a mesh dome cap can. Only the back of the cap features some latches, making it the only section that can be adjusted.

You can make the cap smaller using the latches, or make it snugger in the back by attaching the latch through the hoop.

When it comes to making wigs, both caps are very good, and they are very simple to sew on. This is an important consideration if you want to compare them to one-size-fits-all caps. This is especially true in contrast to the caps that come in a single size that fits everyone.

Where Can You Buy Ventilated Wig Caps

You can search for and purchase a ventilated wig cap at various beauty supply stores and wig stores. You could also look for them on online retail sites such as Amazon and other online retail sites. Aside from Amazon, the best option for purchasing wigs and beauty supplies is to shop at an online retailer specializing in these products.

Before you purchase at an online retail store, it is best to look at the product’s ratings and reviews.