Wig Install Classes: Are They Really Necessary?

Putting on a wig can look like it would be an easy process. And in some cases, it is pretty straightforward. However, putting on a wig can be challenging, Especially in situations where you or a client need a perfect fit.

To help those who want to become experts in putting on wigs, there are wig install classes available. But are these classes worth it?

Below, find out whether this type of class is necessary and what you will learn if you decide to take one.

Wig Install Classes: Are They Really Necessary?

There really is no right or wrong answer here. It’s totally up to you to decide if you want to take a wig install class or not.

If you want to learn how to put on your own wig, you might be able to get some help from a local wig shop or by watching videos on YouTube. Though, trying to teach yourself will involve some trial and error which a wig class can help you avoid.

A class may be beneficial to you if you want to learn how to install a wig in the correct manner without putting it at risk of being damaged. In addition, if you plan on working in the wig industry as a retailer or someone who styles and installs wigs for customers, you will probably find that having this skill is essential.

What Do Classes Teach?

The majority of wig training classes will be very hands-on. They will include both practical exercises and live demonstrations.

Many classes will also provide an opportunity to get helpful feedback from the teacher. This usually will happen by placing a wig on a model and working with the instructor or other students to achieve the perfect style and fit.

A key part of these classes is learning how to properly install a wig for a client. But more than that, you will also learn how to style a wig, which can be a versatile skill that can help you gain more customers. 

Wig installation classes typically include the following topics:

  • Customization
  • Bleaching
  • Foundation
  • Installation (which also includes hairline tracing)
  • Cutting the lace and tinting the lace to match the skin tone of the client
  • Styling 
  • Business Tips
  • Long Term Support
  • A Certificate

But exactly what will be taught to you depends as every class is different. Each class will probably have its own unique techniques. 

At the same time, since every class is different, exactly how much a class will cost will also depend. 

At the end of most wig install classes you will get a certificate of completion for the training you have successfully completed. But most importantly, you will finish the course with increased self-assurance and creative potential as a wig stylist!

In conclusion, wig installment classes may be necessary if you want to start a business such as hair styling or wig installation. It may even be useful if you want to start your own line of wigs that you will sell. So whether you take a wig installment class will depend on you.

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