Memphis skyline at night

Wigs Memphis: Your Guide To Find the Best Wig Stores in Town

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Wigs Memphis: Your Complete Guide

Are you on the hunt for the most stunning wig or hair extension to amp up your style? You’re in the right place, and we’ve got all the details to guide you on this exciting journey.

Memphis skyline at night

You’ll also find a list of the top 4 wig stores near me in Memphis.

Shopping Locally in Memphis

For those who love a tangible shopping experience, Memphis’s local wig shops are a treasure trove. There’s something incredibly reassuring about seeing and feeling the wigs and extensions for yourself.

You can gauge the quality, texture, and even envision how it’ll look on you. And the best part? Many local stores offer customization. This means that not only can you choose a wig, but you can also have it adjusted, colored, and styled precisely to your liking.

The 4 Best Wig Stores in Memphis TN

Studio2 Hair Additions

1005 Brookfield Rd Ste A, Memphis, TN 38119

Studio2 Memphis logo

Well, folks, if you’re in Memphis and hunting for a wig solution that feels like a warm hug, let me tell ya, Studio2 Hair Additions is the place to be! They say hair is the crown you never take off, and Studio2 believes that the journey to reclaiming that crown is just as monumental as flaunting it.

The first thing that hits you when you step into Studio2 is the warmth. It’s not just a store; it’s a sanctuary. They’ve got this uncanny knack of making you feel like you’re at home with good ol’ friends, all while being top-notch professionals. It’s like walking into a cozy gathering where everyone knows your story and is rooting for you. 

Now, losing hair ain’t an easy path. Be it age, hormones, or health battles, many things can take a toll on those beautiful locks. But, with Studio2, you’re not walking that path alone. These folks specialize in helping the ladies face hair loss with their chins up and spirits high. And let’s face it, with a founder having a background in Fashion Merchandising, you bet they’re going to make you look like a million bucks!

Our main gal, Sharon Johnson, with nearly twenty years under her belt in the hair biz, leads the charge. She’s not just in it for the hairstyles; she’s in it for the heart. I mean, just listen to what folks are saying! From grandmas gushing about how Sharon and her team turned their granddaughters’ life around to loyal customers of 30 years raving about their unmatched expertise – the love and respect for Studio2 is palpable.

So, whether you’ve got a “thin part,” or you’re just seeking a fresh start, Studio2 is your Memphis haven for all things hair. With over three decades of experience and countless happy customers, the message is clear: Your journey to rediscovering your vibrant self, starts right here at Studio2. Swing by, and let Sharon and her squad work their magic!

Super Discount Wigs

4685 American Way, Memphis, TN 38118

Super discount wisg Memphis logo

Alright, let’s dive right into the magic of Super Discount Wigs in Memphis, the go-to hub for all things beauty. This isn’t just any beauty supply store. Nope! It’s the largest in the midsouth, folks. With a whopping selection of over 1,000 wigs on display, it’s no wonder folks are buzzing about this place. And hey, it’s not just about quantity – their quality is top-notch, too. But, here’s the kicker: their prices? Unbeatable!

Feeling spontaneous? They’ve got a full-service salon ready to welcome walk-ins, and trust me, the salon staff is worth their weight in gold. Ms. Tasha, Mr. Kevin, Fannie, and many others have folks raving about their impeccable professionalism combined with a dose of good humor. These gifted pros sure know how to turn your day around!

A trip to Super Discount Wigs is more than just a shopping spree; it’s an experience. As you stroll through their vast aisles, the warm vibes are hard to miss. From the staff’s radiant smiles to their genuine assistance, you’ll be floating on cloud nine. And, let’s not forget about the laughs! Whether it’s Kevin’s infectious humor or the friendly banter among the employees, this place sure knows how to keep the mood light and lively. 

Many patrons, like the lovely Alisha Johnson, have become legends in their own right, making waves with their impeccable lash skills. Others, like Mr. Chang, ensure you never leave wanting, even promising to fetch items not already in stock.

Security? Check. A sense of community? Double-check. Loyalty rewards? You betcha! They even sprinkle in a dash of faith, always ready to share a kind word or two about the big guy upstairs. And to top it off, the store itself is a sight to behold, beautifully lit and welcoming.

In a nutshell, Super Discount Wigs isn’t just a store; it’s a haven for beauty enthusiasts in Memphis. With their vast selection, stellar prices, and out-of-this-world customer service, you’re guaranteed to leave with a spring in your step and a smile on your face. So why wait? Dive into this beauty paradise and discover what all the fuss is about!

Nicole Beauty & Wigs

3619 Riverdale Rd, Memphis, TN 38115

Nicole beauty & wigs Memphis logo

Ahoy, beauty enthusiasts and stylists of Memphis! Ready for a refreshing twist in your beauty shopping experience? Enter Nicole Beauty & Wigs, your new beauty haven, and Memphis’ Premier Hair Authority.

This ain’t just another store; it’s a wonderland of high-quality products from wigs to makeup, skincare, and haircare. And, oh boy, talk about choices! This joint is bursting with variety.

Ever felt lost in a maze of beauty products? No worries here! The staff is as friendly as your grandma’s apple pie and just as sweet. They’re your guiding stars, dedicated to ensuring you snag the perfect products. It’s like having your personal beauty entourage!

As the local buzz goes, “The customer service was great today! It’s a great business when people aren’t trying to do the most.” Yup, it’s no exaggeration. These folks genuinely care, making your shopping spree an absolute pleasure.

And if by some wild chance you can’t find what you’re looking for, give a holler to Ms. Kim. Word on the street is she’s the gal who can get it for you. Talk about above and beyond!

But hold up, there’s more! Need a quick eyebrow or eyelash touch? Let Shea work her magic on you. She’s got a knack for it. And while you’re there, don’t forget to scour their sales section. You might just bag a steal!

In the Hickory Hill area, and thinking of a pit stop? Nicole Beauty & Wigs is THE place. One trip and it’ll be your go-to. Heck, some even drive a whopping 25 miles to shop here. Now, that’s a testament!

So, whether you’re on a wig hunt, looking for some beauty chemicals, or just out for a pleasant shopping day, Nicole Beauty & Wigs is where it’s at. Don’t miss out, folks!

Beauty & Company

4259 Elvis Presley Blvd, Memphis, TN 38116

Beauty & company Memphis logo

Well, folks, if you’re ever in Memphis and on the hunt for that perfect wig or a dash of beauty magic, “Beauty & Company” is your go-to spot. Picture this: an upscale haven brimming with wigs, makeup, jewelry, and hair care products for everyone—men, women, and kids alike.

Want to jazz up your look or get all dolled up? Say no more. Beauty & Company’s got everything under one roof to give you that authentic vibe you’ve been chasing.

Heard about their stellar customer service? Many visitors rave about it. One shopper even shared a delightful story about Ms. Lydia, who apparently went the extra mile, making the experience memorable for a clueless shopper. High-fives to Lydia!

And that’s not all; their service is often peppered with patience and profound knowledge, making shopping there an absolute breeze.

But wait, there’s more! If you’re in a rush or just not in the mood to leave your car, their curbside service is a game-changer. Many claim it’s “the best,” and hey, who can argue with that kind of love? And for the folks who’ve got a penchant for snazzy music while shopping, they’ve got that box ticked too.

Parking might be a smidge tricky, considering it’s not the cleanest. But hey, once you’re inside, the prices, product variety, and deals will make you forget all about it. Some shoppers have even found cool surprises like glow-in-the-dark lip gloss. Neat, right?

Now, not every place is perfect. They could beef up their nail section and perhaps have staff a tad more clued up on products. But all in all, Beauty & Company’s charming establishment, fantastic prices, and the heartwarming staff make it a must-visit in Memphis. So why look elsewhere? Swing by, and you just might find your heart’s desire!

The Online Shopping Experience

On the other hand, there’s the ultra-modern way of shopping online. Imagine the sheer convenience of lounging in your PJs, sipping on a warm drink, and exploring a myriad of options right from your screen.

Online shopping doesn’t just promise ease; it offers you a private space where you can choose at your own pace. And talk about choices! The online world is brimming with everything from top-notch human hair extensions to more budget-friendly synthetic varieties.

Don’t miss out on platforms like eBay and Etsy. And if you’re keen on a deal, the digital space is where you might find some high-quality wigs at fantastic prices, be they returns or expertly refurbished.

Why the Interest in Wigs?

Now, you might wonder, “Why the sudden interest in wigs?” Well, the reasons are as diverse as the wigs themselves. Some are looking for a trendy change, others are gearing up for a special occasion, and many are finding solutions to hair loss.

Whatever your reason, we’re here with all the resources you might need. Dive deep into the top wig brands, discover what styles celebrities are flaunting, and equip yourself with a wealth of knowledge from our how-tos and informational articles.

Wrapping it up, whether your heart is set on online browsing or you’re keen to pop into a Memphis store, the journey to find that perfect wig promises to be an adventure.

And always remember, it’s not merely about finding a wig; it’s about unveiling a new, confident YOU. So, here’s to new beginnings and fabulous hair days in Memphis!

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