How To Remove Hair Extensions Without Pliers

How to Remove Hair Extensions Without Pliers: 2 Simple Methods

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Are you ready to remove your hair extensions, but don’t want to damage or hurt yourself? You may be interested in learning “How to Remove Hair Extensions Without Pliers.”

This article will walk you through the process of removing micro bead extensions. It will detail them in a few straightforward steps without the need of pliers.

How To Remove Hair Extensions Without Pliers

Micro bead extensions are a type of hair extension that are attached to your natural hair with the help of very little beads made of plastic. Even though they are a popular choice, they can be challenging to remove if the appropriate equipment is not available.

Whether or not removing micro bead extensions is safe for your natural hair is one of the primary concerns. Despite the inherent risks, it is essential to be delicate and cautious when removing your beads. This method can do minimal damage to your natural hair and leave you with healthy, gorgeous locks if performed correctly.

Let’s look at two different methods you can use to remove these safely.

Using A Hair Dryer

The use of a hair dryer is one method that can be used in place of pliers for the purpose of removing hair extensions. To begin, preheat the hair drier and then direct the nozzle of the dryer toward the extensions. To remove the extensions, give them a gentle pull and continue until they are free.

Using A Comb And Scissors 

For this method, you’ll need:

  • Small pair of scissors or clippers
  • Toothbrush or comb
  • Wide-tooth comb or paddle brush
  • Hair oil or conditioner
  • Warm towel or shower cap
  • Hair ties or clips to hold your natural hair back

Start by combing your natural hair with a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush and, if desired, pulling it back into a loose ponytail. Be as gentle as possible in order to prevent causing unnecessary damage.

Then, cut off a small bit of your micro bead extensions with caution. Snip them away from the rest of your hair using scissors or clippers. Avoid cutting too near to the beads or your natural hair, since this might cause breakage or discomfort when removing them later.

Once you have separated your beads, use your fingers or a toothbrush/comb to gently slide each one out of place. This may require patience and time, but it is essential to remove them gently and carefully.

After removing all of your beads, it is advisable to condition your hair with oil or conditioner. To assist in moisturizing and soothing any remaining irritation. For added benefits, you can cover your hair with a warm towel or shower cap.

After removing all of your beads, you should tie or clip back your natural hair. That keeps it out of the way as you try to remove any remaining stubborn beads.

Take a few moments to run your fingers or a toothbrush through any remaining beads to loosen and facilitate removal. This is crucial if you intend to leave your extensions out for an extended duration.

As you can see, removing micro bead hair extensions can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t have the right tools or knowledge. Yet, with the methods outlined in this article, you can safely remove micro bead extensions without pliers.

Whether you choose to use a hair dryer or a combination of scissors, a comb, and hair oil, be delicate and cautious to prevent damage to your natural hair. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can remove your extensions and maintain healthy, gorgeous locks.