Human Hair Wigs and Other Alternatives to Hair Loss

Human Hair Wigs and Other Alternatives to Hair Loss

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screenshot924Most people that have lost their hair would love to have a thick head of hair.  Some people feel like their losing part of what makes them who they are. However, there are many solutions we can use to remedy baldness. Hair transplant surgery is a guaranteed way to cure baldness, but this surgery can be very expensive, and during a time of recession isn’t available to those of us on a tight budget. Hats, scarves, and turbans are all excellent alternatives to going bald. You can even find inexpensive add on hair to with a hat or turban. If you really want to have natural hair the best option is to buy a human hair wig.

Human Hair wigs are a very affordable option in comparison to hair transplant surgery. Wigs have become popular fashion accessories even for those who haven’t lost their hair. How do you think celebrities change their hair style so differently all the time? Human hair wigs have become a large part of Hollywood in film, and now stars are wearing them off set as well. Human hair wig technology is advanced to the point where you can cut, color, and style your wig just like you would your own hair. This enables you to play with different looks without causing damage to your natural hair.

Modern human hair wigs are an ideal solution for someone going through hair loss. There are many different causes of hair loss which we won’t get into in this post, but regardless of the reason for your hair loss this is still the most economical option. Human hair wigs come in almost any size, color, style, and length you can imagine. Here at Wig we have trained experts that you can call to help you find the right wig to fit your needs. It can be a difficult task with out the proper research and education.

One of the most important parts of the education process is learning about the different types of cap construction. Most human hair wig caps are made one of two ways, monofilament (mono-top) or hand-tied allover (sometimes called hand-knotted). Both caps are very soft and durable. When someone uses this type of wig they can style their hair in any manner that they like because the hair will lay in any direction. This differs from traditional wefted caps which are machine sewn, only allowing the hair to lay in the direction it was sewn in. This is almost the most delicate part of your wig. The hair fiber will be strong and resilent, but avoiding brushing hard or pulling at the hair will extend the life of the wig cap. If taken care of properly a human hair wig should last 4-6 months of everyday use.

The most amazing thing about the newest human hair wigs is the lace front. Not all wigs have it, so this is something you want to look for specifically in the description. Basically it gives you a hairline that looks like your own. You can’t see where the wig starts and ends because the lace front mimic’s natural skin tone and hair folicals.

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