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The Top 3 Wigs Shops in Salt Lake City | Where to Find the Best Human Hair Extensions and Wigs

Hey there, beautiful souls of Salt Lake City! Whether you’re on a mission to transform your look, prepping for that special event, or simply seeking a change, we’ve got the inside scoop on where to snag the most fabulous wigs and hair extensions in town.

Wigs Salt Lake City: Your Comprehensive Guide

salt lake city skyline

You’ll find a list of the top X wig stores near me in Salt Lake City right below.

Local Shop in Salt Lake: Touch, Feel, & Tailor!

There’s something magical about walking into a local wig store, right here in Salt Lake City. It’s where you can:

  • Get up close and personal with those human hair wigs and extensions.
  • Literally feel the difference between various wigs and hair extensions.
  • Enjoy a personalized experience, getting your chosen piece custom-fitted, colored, and styled to make you shine.

The 3 Best Wig Stores in Salt Lake City UT

Jean Paree Wigs

4041 S 700 E #2, Salt Lake City, UT 84107

Picture this: Salt Lake City, 1963. Jean Paree Wigs opens its doors, embarking on a journey to become Utah’s go-to spot for high-quality wigs and hairpieces. 

Fast forward to today, and they’ve got a whopping repertoire of over 10,000 wigs and hairpieces in 40 distinct styles. Talk about variety, right? 

Whether you’re aiming for a dramatic theatrical look, seeking a therapeutic solution, or simply wanting a fresh personal enhancement, Jean Paree has got your back… or should I say, your head?

Now, let’s chat about the heart and soul of the place – Gloria. Oh boy, where do we even begin with her? Described by many as an “angel on earth,” she’s the beacon of hope, warmth, and unparalleled expertise for many who walk through the store’s doors. 

From first-timers, unsure and nervous, to seasoned wig enthusiasts, Gloria ensures everyone feels right at home. She’s got this uncanny ability to match wigs to natural hair colors just by glancing at a photo. And if you’re overwhelmed with all the wig-care information she generously shares, don’t sweat it! She’s got you covered with a handy-dandy cheat sheet.

The sheer volume of heartwarming testimonials about Gloria and her team is enough to make anyone’s day. From helping chemotherapy patients rediscover their confidence to gifting liver transplant recipients with brand-new wigs out of sheer kindness, the stories are endless. 

And it’s not just about selling wigs; it’s about providing an experience – understanding, compassion, and a sprinkle of magic in every interaction.

To top it all off, the store’s ambiance is as relaxed and friendly as a Sunday brunch with friends. So, if you’re ever in Salt Lake City and find yourself pondering a new look, or perhaps need a wig for more personal reasons, give Jean Paree Wigs a whirl. Heck, even if you don’t need a wig, pop in just to meet Gloria and feel the positive vibes. Trust us; it’s a game-changer!

Creative Wigs & Hair Replacement – Salt Lake City

1063 E 3300 S suite 102, Salt Lake City, UT 84106

Hang onto your hats, folks, because Salt Lake City’s got a gem of a place that’s all about making you feel like a million bucks! It’s called Creative Wigs, and they’re not just any old wig store. 

Now, we’ve all had those days where our hair just won’t cooperate, right? But, fear not! Creative Wigs is here to save the day. They’ve been serving up confidence and style for over 50 years. And boy, do they know their stuff!

First things first, their range? Absolutely smashing! Brands like Jon Renau, Gabor, Belle Tress, and Raquel Welch are just the tip of the iceberg. 

And let’s not forget about their superstar stylists! With years under their belts, these pros will make sure you leave looking natural, fabulous, and feeling on top of the world. Whether you’re dealing with hair loss from the curveballs life throws – be it stress, illness, or treatments – or just looking to jazz up your look, they’ve got your back.

Now, here’s the kicker: this isn’t just a business for them. They’ve been volunteering with the “Look Good, Feel Better” program for two decades. That speaks volumes about their dedication, doesn’t it? Heart and soul, they’re in it to make a difference. 

Just ask their loyal clientele who can’t stop raving about them. From compassionate stylists like Lisa and Becky who make you feel like family, to the array of wigs that’ll knock your socks off, the reviews are in, and they’re glowing!

Got a trip and don’t want the hassle of hairstyling? They’ve got you. Looking for a little pizzazz for a special event? They’re your go-to. Heck, even if you want to pop in on a whim, they’re all ears (and hair!) with open arms – walk-ins are always welcome.

The cherry on top? They have FOUR locations sprinkled around for your convenience: Salt Lake City, South Jordan, Orem, and St. George. So, why wait? Whether you’re on a hair journey or just looking for a fresh change, swing by Creative Wigs. They’re in the business of making you look and feel absolutely fabulous. And trust me, they’re darn good at it!

African Store Safari Beauty Supply and Braids

465 E 3300 S suite a, South Salt Lake, UT 84115

Safari salt lake city logo

Dive right into Safari Beauty Supply, Salt Lake City’s crown jewel when it comes to beauty and hair supply. Nestled right in Utah, this beauty haven is both a cozy brick-and-mortar shop and an online extravaganza. Lookin’ for something to jazz up your look? From the latest in Lace front wigs to the classic Brazilian Hair wigs, they’ve got it all! Heck, they even stock up on those ever-so-chic Brazilian bundles and, wait for it, native African snacks to tickle your taste buds!

But what really sets this place apart? It’s the heart and soul behind it. From the hands of a loving family to your shopping cart, each product is selected with oodles of care. It’s like they’ve poured a little bit of magic into everything! And speaking of magic, if you’re lucky, you might just bump into the enchanting Khadijah – a stylist, teacher, and all-around hair guru. Folks can’t stop raving about her! Whether you’re getting those faux locs you’ve always dreamt of or just seeking a bit of advice, she’s your go-to gal. Many have said their hair has thrived under her guidance.

Now, for those of you thinking, “I probably won’t find something for my hair type,” think again! Safari’s got something for everyone, whether you’re rocking those natural curls or flaunting straight tresses. And hey, if you’re just there to pick up a “Wish” order or snag one of those bomb book bags, you’re in for a treat. The staff? Oh boy, they’re the bee’s knees! Friendly, professional, and armed with a smile.

But don’t just take our word for it. Pop by and experience it for yourself. And, oh, while you’re at it, give a nod to the pastry shop next door. Their pastries? Absolute showstoppers! So, whether you’re from Layton or just around the corner, make a pit stop at Safari Beauty Supply. It’s more than just a store; it’s a community. And as they say, “Once a Safari shopper, always a Safari shopper!”

Online Shopping: The World of Wigs at Your Fingertips

Let’s talk convenience. In the age of digital shopping carts and two-day shipping, why not explore the vast world of wigs online? From the comfort of your couch (or bed, we don’t judge!), you can:

  • Dive into the treasure trove of trusted wig e-commerce platforms.
  • Stumble upon some hidden gems on sites like eBay and Etsy.
  • Feast your eyes on everything from the crème de la crème of human hair wigs to budget-friendly synthetic wonders.
  • Score some major deals on top-notch wigs and toppers that have made their way back to the shelves. Think returned or expertly refurbished pieces that can save you a pretty penny!

More than Just Shopping – It’s a Wig Wonderland!

On our site, we don’t just connect you to products. We’re your trusty sidekick in the wig journey. Here’s a sprinkle of what we offer:

  • A comprehensive directory of top wig brands and their show-stopping pieces.
  • The lowdown on trending celebrity hairstyles and the wigs and extensions behind them.
  • Handy how-tos and enlightening articles to elevate your wig wisdom. Dive deep into wig types, materials, styles, and oh-so-much more!

Wrapping it Up!

So, whether you’re online window shopping or hitting the streets of Salt Lake City, we’ve got your back. We’re rooting for you to find that dream wig that makes you feel like the superstar you truly are. Happy wig hunting, and may you find the one that’s just right for you!

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