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Wigs Wichita KS: Which Are The Best Wig Shops in Wichita?

Is your mirror reflecting a yearning for a hair transformation? If you’re in or around Wichita, KS and scouting for the best human hair wigs and extensions, your search ends here! We have got every strand of information you need, whether you’re dipping your toes or already splashing around in the wig-buying world.

Wichita skyline

Check out the list below to see the top wig stores near me if you’re in Wichita.

Wigs Wichita KS: Your Guide To Finding the Perfect Wig

Browse or Buy? Online or In-Store?

Two paths diverge in your wig quest: the digital highway or the local by-lane. Each journey offers its own unique wig shopping experiences.

A Wig-tastic Journey: Local Shopping in Wichita

Heading to a local wig store in Wichita, KS, brings the wig experience to life. There’s nothing like the feeling of running your fingers through a luscious, high-quality human hair wig or extension. Not only do you get a close-up look, but local wig stores offer bespoke services. They’ll help you custom-fit, color, and style your hairpiece, ensuring it’s tailored perfectly to your needs.

The 3 Best Local Wig Shops in Wichita KS

Wig Lady

4017 W 13th St N, Wichita, KS 67212

The wig lady wichita logo

Come on in and meet LeeAnn, your very own personal hair superhero at The Wig Lady in Wichita, KS! From the minute you walk through the door, you’ll feel welcomed into a warm and compassionate space. Folks of every color, age, and background find their way here for reasons as varied as the strands on a full head of hair. 

Whether you just want to toss on a hairpiece for a ‘good hair day,’ or someone seeking help due to circumstances beyond your control, LeeAnn’s got you covered. She’s got years of experience helping clients tackle hair loss from stress, genetic conditions, alopecia, and even treatments like chemotherapy. No challenge is too big or small for The Wig Lady. 

Here’s how it works: you walk in with an idea, and LeeAnn’s expert eye and caring approach takes over. She offers no-obligation consultations to help you envision the best solution for your hair needs. And then, she’s off to the races, customizing a partial or full prosthesis in the size, color, and style that best suits you. Whether it’s a bonded or clip-on piece, you can rest assured she’s thought about the best attachment for your lifestyle.

The Wig Lady was born from a personal journey. Back in 2000, LeeAnn accompanied a dear friend with recurring cancer on a wig shopping trip. Saddened by the lack of selection, professional help, and sanitary conditions, LeeAnn decided to fill this gap. What started with a humble stock of twelve wigs has blossomed into hundreds of wigs, hairpieces, and head coverings. 

LeeAnn’s background as a hairdresser for over three decades. She’s gained expertise from teaching hair color and conducting seminars for Matrix. So you know you’re in capable hands! She has trained extensively with top companies to provide the best options for various hair conditions. 

The Wig Lady operates on an appointment basis, valuing your privacy above all. Clients rave about their experience, from the uplifting consultations to the life-changing transformations. Many speak about her infectious positive attitude and the kindness that helps ease their journey. 

Her contribution doesn’t go unnoticed. She’s been awarded for “Sharing Your Spirit”, an accolade celebrating her incredible impact on the lives of women seeking her help. The Wig Lady has even helped those who’ve faced hair loss due to traumatic injuries regain their confidence.

In the world of wigs and hairpieces, there’s no one quite like LeeAnn – The Wig Lady. Her dedication to her craft, coupled with her heartfelt care for her clients, makes this wig store in Wichita, KS, an absolute gem. Don’t take it from us, though. Pop on by and experience the warmth, professionalism, and expertise that LeeAnn and The Wig Lady bring to the table. You’ll be glad you did!

Honie’s Wig & Beauty Supply

1709 S Hillside St, Wichita, KS 67211

You’ll find a treasure trove of wig and beauty products at Honie’s Wig & Beauty Supply. 

Yes, they’ve got a great selection of wigs. But they’ve got a lot more than that! The shops has hair accessories, barbers’ equipment, hair weaving supplies, beauty equipment, hair replacement services, hair styling aids, salon equipment, and even cosmetics and perfumes.

The store, which has been around for over 40 years, has a great atmosphere. When you walk in, you’ll feel you’re part of the family. Honie’s has been around for a long time. They’ve got regulars who’ve been visiting the store since they were kids who now bring their own kiddos along. Talk about coming full circle! 

Even professionals love this place. Many salon owners and personal stylists from out of town swear by the Honie’s. That’s some high praise right there!

What makes this store so great?

First off, the selection is top-notch. From extensions to hair accessories and styling aids, they selection is massive! And it ranges from affordable to the luxurious. 

Then there are the wonderful employees. They are a friendly bunch, always ready with a smile. They’re a patient, knowledgeable, and helpful lot who can find you the best products for your needs. They genuinely care about their customers, going above and beyond to ensure satisfaction. 

Cleanliness? Check. No-pressure sales? Check. Excellent customer service? Check. High-quality products at reasonable prices? Double-check. 

So if you’re in the market for anything hair-related, zip on over to Honie’s. From their selection to service to great pricing, you’ll be glad you did!

Sam’s Beauty Supply

4100 E Harry St, Wichita, KS 67218

Sam's beauty supply wichita logo

Next up is Sam’s Beauty Supply, located in the heart of Wichita, KS. This wig and beauty shops has just about everything when it comes to hair and beauty. 

Everyone from teens to experienced shoppers frequent this store. It’s been serving the Wichita community for over 16 years.

Fancy a new ‘do? Sam’s has got you covered with wigs, track hair, and braiding hair in all lengths, styles, and colors. Wig enthusiasts love this place. Many find their dream wigs at amazing prices here.  

The wig selection at Sam’s is incredible. They’ve got both human hair wigs and synthetic wigs for every face, every style, and every mood. 

But Sam’s is not just a wig store. It’s a full-fledged beauty supply store that’s got more than meets the eye. 

Haircare products? Check! Need a new curling iron or a little edge brush? Sam’s got you covered. From nail polish to earrings, cute purses to adorable hair accessories, the inventory is simply mind-boggling. 

They even cater specifically to the needs of African-American women and girls. As one customer put it, “There’s something for everyone.”

At this wig and beauty shop, you’ll find a friendly and knowledgeable staff the moment you walk in. They are very helpful and will to guide you through the store’s expansive offerings. 

Need a recommendation? Just ask! They’re always professional and ready to lend a hand. 

So, whether want a bold, new hairstyle or just to restock your beauty cabinet, make the drive to Sam’s Beauty Supply. You’ll leave with a bag full of beauty products and a smile on your face. Swing by and see for yourself why everyone’s raving about Sam’s.

Clicking Through The Wig Wonderland: Online Shopping

With just a few clicks, you can transform your look entirely from the comfort of your own home. Shopping for wigs online serves up a smorgasbord of choices while maintaining your privacy. From high-quality human hair wigs and extensions to budget-friendly synthetic options, respected e-commerce platforms and trusted sellers on sites like eBay and Etsy have got you covered.

Your screen could also shine with sparkling savings! Stay vigilant for returned or expertly refurbished top-notch human hair wigs and toppers – their price tags might just surprise you.

Wig Wisdom at Your Fingertips

We’re not just about selling; we’re about educating. You’ll find a treasure trove of resources right here on our website, whether you’re looking for wigs due to hair loss, prepping for a special event, or just craving a refreshing change.

Dive into the details of top wig brands and their stellar collections, or read up on celebrity-inspired hairstyles, wigs, and extensions. Our educational articles and informative how-tos will guide you through the diverse wig types, materials, styles, and much more. Learning about wigs has never been more fun!

Finding Your Wig Wow-Factor in Wichita, KS

We aim to make your wig-shopping journey as exciting and fruitful as possible. Whether you choose to click or stroll your way to your perfect wig or extension, we’re here to help. We hope you find our guide instrumental in your pursuit of the best human hair wigs in Wichita, KS. Happy wig shopping, and may you find that ‘hairpiece de resistance’ that is uniquely you!

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