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Your Guide to Human Hair Luxury Wigs (Plus 4 Top Luxury Brands You’ve Gotta Check Out!)

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Thinking about investing in one or more human hair luxury wigs?

If so, you might know a truth: wig shopping can be overwhelming. There are a lot of choices to make and, if you’re going to spend money on a high-quality wig, you want to be sure you make good choices. It’s important to remember that this is entirely normal, and you’re not alone in this. Take a deep breath and read on!

Generally, it is best to choose a human hair wig. This is because they provide far more benefits than synthetic hair products. And if you both want the best quality and can afford it, we suggest a luxury human hair wig. Do you want to know more?

In this article, we will be Your Guide to Human Hair Luxury Wigs. It will give you some insight and tips so that you can choose the right wig for you.

Your Guide To Human Hair Luxury Wigs

Although wig experimentation can be fun, it is important to identify which types best complement your face shape. Wearing a poorly made wig can be unpleasant and itchy. Not to mention, it can get in the way of your confidence.

Key Things To Look For In Human Hair Luxury Wigs

The Value Of The Wig For How Much It Costs

First, a wig’s price often indicates its entire quality. Although we would all like to get a high-quality wig at an affordable price, wig prices tend to reflect their durability.

A more expensive wig is likely to be suitable for daily usage, allowing you to style it into various looks and apply your chosen hair products.

The Type Of Human Hair Used

Remy hair wigs are long-lasting, lasting up to one year, styleable, and have a beautiful sheen. They are heat-resistant and may be styled just like real hair. They can be more difficult to color than non-Remy wigs and have a more limited color palette.

Virgin hair wigs are made out of unprocessed hair, and have a very natural look. Virgin wigs are long-lasting and can be heat-styled. They come in naturally-occurring colors. They are also rarer and cost more than chemically-treated hair.

Virgin Remy wigs are the gold standard for hairpieces made from human hair. Clip-in extensions, half-wigs, and toppers are of premium quality and may be styled as if they were your natural hair.

How Comfortable It Is

If a wig fits well and feels natural, it is likely of great quality. The material of your wig should be breathable so that heat is not trapped between the material and your head.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a hot, sweaty, and itchy wig. It is crucial your wig provides maximum comfort. Higher-quality wigs will last longer since the materials used to build them are more durable.

Is It Durable?

The materials used to construct wigs of higher quality are more resilient, thus, they will last longer.

One of greater value is likely to be suitable for daily usage, allowing you to style it into various looks and apply your chosen hair products. Yet, regular maintenance and care are still required.

It Looks Natural On You

Naturalness is another feature a high-quality wig should offer. The best wigs will have a natural sheen and should fit firmly on your head, simulating human hair.

Choosing a natural-looking wig is a tremendous confidence booster. It will serve as a stylish yet comfortable solution to hair loss. A good wig fit can empower you to express your style and live your best life!

If you have an oval face, you’re in luck, as most wig styles and lengths should complement you. Individuals with square faces may discover that wigs that extend the face and add volume to the crown of the head are the most flattering. And if you have a rounder face, try on a couple of chin-length or longer wigs with an off-center part.

And there you have it! We hope that these tips will help you on your wig journey to find the best human hair luxury wigs for you.

4 Top Human Hair Luxury Wig Brands

There are several brands that create high-quality luxury wigs. Here are 4 of our favorites:


Discover the remarkable world of Dimples Wig design where maximum breathability and comfort take center stage. Crafted with lightweight feather caps, Dimples wigs are celebrated for their high-quality, medical-grade hair products that cater to various levels of hair loss.

There’s no denying that Dimples Wigs for women boast a natural look and feel that’s incredibly comfortable to wear. With many designs featuring lace fronts and advanced wig caps, these beauties offer an undetectable hairline for the ultimate seamless appearance.

Dimples 100% Natural Human Hair Wigs for Women have revolutionized the industry, thanks to their European collection that’s been meticulously researched, designed, and developed with invaluable input from hair loss experts, nurses, and specialists. Prioritizing the wearer’s comfort, Dimples Wigs deliver a natural look that can be worn with confidence from morning to night.

Each Dimples Wig for Women is skillfully constructed with human hair sewn onto an ultra-thin monofilament top cap, creating a natural-looking part by revealing the scalp through layered textures. The lace front design further enhances the realism, mimicking the appearance of a genuine hairline. Dimples wigs are the ideal choice for anyone seeking a chic up-do for a special evening or simply a natural, everyday look.


Step into the world of Follea, where exceptional wigs and unique Topette Crown Extensions hairpieces redefine the standards for quality and realism. Follea Collections offer style-savvy women the ultimate hair-replication and volume-enhancing solutions for an effortlessly chic look.

Each Follea wig is 100% hand-tied with the finest sustainably sourced human hair, ensuring a customizable and perfect fit. With over 30 years of hair-industry experience, Founder and CEO Daniel Hafid has devoted his career to blending craftsmanship, artistic inspiration, and design innovation with medical research. His mission? To create unparalleled wigs and hair enhancements that mirror the natural beauty of one’s own hair.

Established in 2002, Follea was born out of a passion for helping women overcome the effects of hair loss due to alopecia or chemotherapy. Through their medical and research company, Daniel Alain Life Science, Follea is dedicated to finding a cure for hair loss. By pioneering groundbreaking therapies for hair and scalp conditions, they’re making strides in drug development and medical-device products.

Experience the life-changing beauty of Follea and embrace the ultimate confidence boost that comes with gorgeous, natural-looking hair.

House of European Hair

Discover the luxurious world of House of European Hair, offering a stunning selection of wigs, integrations, hairpieces, and fringes. Made from ethically-sourced virgin European hair, these exquisite pieces ensure a natural, damage-free enhancement for any look.

Each wig and hairpiece is crafted with unprocessed hair, keeping cuticles intact for flawless shine and texture. The diverse selection caters to various styles, from flowing tresses to chic mid-length cuts and short styles.

House of European Hair Toppers provide high-quality solutions for hair replacement or thinning hair. Their Virgin European Hair Wigs offer the ultimate in soft, silky luxury. Trust House of European Hair for a truly indulgent, transformative experience.


Jacquelyn, wigs based in New York City, has earned a reputation as being one of the premiere companies in the wig industry. Jacquelyn wigs are highly sought after by women around the globe. They have been featured on TV as well as in major fashion magazines such as Vogue Glamour and Elle. Jacquelyn wigs have even been worn by a First Lady in the White House!

Jacquelyn’s European hair wigs are fashioned from only the finest human hair. Because of the superior quality of the human hair and world class craftsmanship, these wigs can be styled into hundreds of different looks. These wigs will respond easily and effortlessly even with dramatic styling changes (including perms) and color changes.