Can You Perm Hair Extensions?

Can You Perm Hair Extensions? Separating Fact from Fiction

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Can You Perm Hair Extensions?

Are you look to change up your look, and wondering, can you perm hair extensions?

The procedure of using a chemical to give human hair a style that is either wavy or curly is called a perm. Individuals with straight hair who want perms typically do so because they need a look that is more bouncy and full of volume for their hair.

As perms become popular once more, is it possible to perm hair extensions in order to achieve a curly, kinky, or sleek straight mane? 

Here in this article, we will tell you whether or not you can perm your hair extensions; and if ever you can, we will also tell you how you can do it.

Can You Perm Hair Extensions?

The short answer to that is it depends, whether or not hair extensions can be permed or not depends. There are many distinct types of hair extensions to choose from. 

You may be able to perm some of them, but you shouldn’t bother perming the other types. There is a possibility that the perm solution will damage some of the hair extensions, while others will not even get permed.

Which Types of Hair Extensions Can be Permed?

Make sure that you only relax or perm extensions that are made of human hair. That is the same as using a relaxer or perm on your hair; the results are real.

You may give the extensions, which are made from real human hair, a perm just like you would your natural hair. 

These hair strands have disulfide bonds. The bonds are broken by the perming chemicals. This splitting allows the strands to be reconfigured into any shape, including curly or straight.

Is it Worth Perming Your Extensions?

Nevertheless, do you think it will be worthwhile to perm the human hair extensions? The most expensive extensions are those made from human hair, and the reason for this is very simple to understand. They are constructed using real human hair that has not been processed.

The perm solutions are rather harsh, as you may already know, and they have the potential to cause damage to your manes.

Extensions made from real hair cannot continue receiving ongoing nutrients. They also cannot continue to grow in the same manner as your own head hair does.

Because of this, it will be impossible to recover the natural human hair extensions from the harm caused by the chemicals. Because of this, it is not suggested that you perm your hair extensions more than once. If the locks are still thick and coarse after the first try, you can do it a second and even a third time.

Depending on how well the hair is maintained, perms can often last anywhere from a few months to several years. Relaxed hair is permanent.

Do not make the mistake of perming synthetic hair extensions. The technique of relaxing or perming that type of hair will not be as effective as it is on human hair because it is not human hair.

What You Need to Perm Your Extensions

To perm hair extensions, you need the following:

  • Hair Extension Bundles
  • Hair Perm
  • Hair Perfector Treatment
  • Comb
  • Hair rollers/Flexy Rods
  • Neutralizer (Neutralizing lotion)
  • Plastic bag
  • Plastic Gloves
  • Aluminum foil

You also need to consider the following:

  • Are your hair extensions fine or coarse in texture?
  • Did you try any other chemical processing on them, such as bleaching?
  • Will you re-perm your real human hair extensions following this perm procedure?

Steps to Perm Your Extensions

Here’s a step by step on how to perm your extensions.

First, cover the surface with aluminum foil. Make sure you’re also wearing gloves.

Then, use shampoo to wash the hair extensions. Rinse the hair after that.

Following that, apply hair perfector treatment to the hair. Afterward, comb out all the hair extensions.

Begin curling the hair extensions with any size hair rollers or flexi rods. Wrap the hair curler or flexi rod around the tip of the hair. Wrapping the hair rollers/flexi rods should be done with wet hair.

Apply the perm to the hair after curling all of the hair extensions. Drip the product all over your curled hair. Place them in a bag for 20 minutes.

Rinse the hair thoroughly with water while the hair rollers or flexi rods are still in place.

Apply hair neutralizer. Let it sit for 5 minutes. This contributes to the size of the curls.
Finally, remove the hair rollers/hair rods gently. Afterwards, carefully shampoo and rinse the hair. Afterwards, let the hair dry. You can blow dry it or let it air dry.

So, there you have it. Your answer to the question, can you perm your hair extensions? If you have the right type of extension and follow the instructions above, the answer is definitely yes!