How To Blend Hair With Extensions

How to Blend Hair with Extensions: Top Insider Tips For Short, Curly and Straight Hair

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Are you a first-time extension user, or just curious about how to blend hair with extensions? If so, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will give you an idea of how to blend your hair with your hair extensions.

How To Blend Hair With Extensions

There are numerous possible causes for your extensions not blending with your real hair. The fact that every individual has a unique hair type and cut is one of the most important points to consider.

Some customers may be able to clip in their extensions right out of the box and style them so they look amazing. Yet others may need to put in a bit more effort to fully customize their set so that it precisely matches their hair. 

For Short Hair

For your clip-in hair extensions to be unnoticeable, your natural hair must be at least 4 to 6 inches long. Clip-in sets that are double-drawn and triple-wefted allowing the rows to be extremely thick, even at the ends. As long as there is an equal amount of hair at the top and the bottom, this will allow both short and long hair to appear natural.

You can also pin away the lower section of your hair. This is a fantastic method for blending hair extensions with short hair in order to conceal the shorter piece at the nape of the neck. Section your hair so that only a small amount remains at the bottom, then clip away the rest.

Backcomb this remaining part, then twist or braid it, and pin it flat against the nape of your neck with bobby pins. This is where you will clip in your first extension weft.

For Straight Hair

To blend hair extensions into straight hair, section your hair into rows from the nape of the neck to just in front of the ears. Moving from the back to the front, you should vigorously tease your roots to add body; this will help your hide on top of your human hair extensions too.

Smooth over the top and brush your hair and the extensions together to blend after you’ve clipped in your clip-in hair extensions. Lower the top layer of hair as well as the front section. Brush and straighten your hair so that it blends perfectly with your hair extensions.

It is important to add a protective spray before straightening. Unlike your natural hair, human hair extensions are not nourished by the natural oils that we produce.

For Curly Hair

Before separating a one-to-two-inch section of hair, spritz your hair and human hair extensions with water. Make a basic three-strand braid. You may make them as tight or loose as you want. You may want to assess how tight your natural curls are, and then mix up the sizes because natural curls are never the same width.

Let your hair and hair extensions to dry for a couple of hours before untying your braids and gently unraveling them with your fingers from the ends. Spray your hair extensions to keep the waves in place.

Final Thoughts On How To Blend Hair With Extensions

In conclusion, blending hair extensions with your natural hair can take some effort, but it is not impossible. The key is to consider your hair type, length, and texture to choose the right type of extensions. You also need to know the right method of blending them.

Whether you have short, straight, or curly hair, there are various techniques that you can use to best blend with your natural hair.

By following the tips and tricks provided in this article, you can achieve a natural and beautiful look with your hair extensions.