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Wigs Scottsdale | 5 Top Wig Stores in Scottsdale AZ

Wigs Scottsdale AZ

Looking to transform your look with top-notch human hair wigs or fabulous extensions right here in Scottsdale, Arizona? Say no more! We’re your trusty guide, set to aid you in finding the best hairpiece tailored for your needs.

Scottsdale skyline

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Online Vs. In-Store: Which One’s For You?

As you venture into the realm of human hair wigs and extensions, you’re greeted with two paths – the digital marketplace or the traditional brick-and-mortar wig store around Scottsdale, AZ.

Experience and Expertise: The In-Store Shopping Route

Yearning for a tactile shopping experience? Local Scottsdale wig shops provide a tangible opportunity to assess the quality, fit, and style of your potential new look. With expert advice at your fingertips, these stores can help custom-fit, color, and style your chosen hairpiece to perfection.

The 5 Best Wig Stores in Scottsdale AZ

Wigs Amor

7000 E Mayo Blvd, Phoenix, AZ 85054

Wigs Amor is a renowned wig store nestled in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona. Here, the transformative power of hair is both understood and celebrated. 

Their team is devoted to delivering trendy, top-of-the-range wigs and hairpieces that are strikingly natural.

Wigs Amor works with premier vendors like Rachael Welch, Eva Gabor, Tony of Beverly, Henry Margu, and Jon Renau. But, here’s the kicker – if you’re after a style or color that’s not on their racks, they’ll whip it up just for you as a custom piece. Their knack for catering to clients’ unique tastes is something to write home about!

The store’s collection is impressive thanks to both its variety and its affordability. If you’ve got a competitor’s price or coupon that you’re trying to beat, Wigs Amor will gladly match it. Clearly the goal of this wig shop is to give you the best bang for your buck.

The dedicated, experienced staff are the heart of Wigs Amor. Together, Kara, Chris, Yasmin, and Debbie offer professional and quality services, infusing your shopping experience with personal attention and warmth. 

But Wigs Amor is not just about selling wigs. They go the extra mile, offering maintenance and styling services to ensure the longevity of your hairpiece. And if you ever need tips on how to take the best care of your new hair, they’ve got you covered.

There’s something for everyone at Wigs Amor. From human hair to synthetic, the vast assortment caters to a wide range of tastes. Plus, they also offer exclusive consulting services to help you find the wig that’s just right for you.

Stepping into the store, you’ll be greeted by a member of their patient and helpful staff. You won’t just walk out with a wig – you’ll walk out with a newfound confidence, all thanks to their loving and personalized approach. Whether it’s for a major transformation or a simple change, Wigs Amor in Scottsdale is the place to go for all things hair.

Arizona Wig Boutique

7074 E 5th Ave, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Arizona wig boutique scottsdale logo

Picture this: You walk in the front door of Arizona Wig Boutique in Scottsdale. There, you’re greeted by a warm, professional staff with over four decades of combined experience in the beauty biz. Isn’t that a comforting thought? 

Kimberly, a true maestro of her trade, takes the reins of this finely tuned operation. She ensures every hairpiece is meticulously tailored to your individual needs. No mass-market, off-the-rack wigs here, my friends!

Flanked by a skilled crew of stylists, Kimberly guides you through an awe-inspiring collection of wigs, hairpieces, and turbans. And we’re not talking about just any old stock. No siree! They’ve got everything from lace-front to partial mono, 100% hand-tied, heat defiant options, and even Remy human hair wigs. Now, that’s what you call variety!

Once you’ve made your pick, brace yourself for a transformative experience. Their expert wig stylists take the time to school you in the art of wig care and maintenance, ensuring that every day is, indeed, a good hair day! What’s more, you can just stroll in, no appointment needed. 

Now, you may wonder, “What makes Arizona Wig Boutique so special?” Well, it’s all in the testimonials. One reviewer found comfort and exceptional service when she came in with a friend grappling with hair loss due to cancer treatment. Another, suffering from alopecia, had her confidence was restored thanks to the magic touch of stylist Izzy.

And it’s not just women who find refuge here. The Boutique also caters to men, offering them a wide range of hairpieces and the same empathetic, expert service. Transgender customers also laud the Boutique for its safe, welcoming environment. They appreciate the expert guidance that helps them find the perfect wig to express their true selves.

The stylists’ expertise extends beyond selecting the right piece; they’re also dab hands at customizing and styling. Just ask any of the satisfied customers who’ve had their wigs cut, trimmed, and styled to perfection. It’s an all-encompassing experience that makes you wonder why you’d ever buy a wig online again.

The cherry on top? Arizona Wig Boutique’s owner, Kim, and her team are genuine and caring. They work tirelessly to make sure that every customer walks out the door feeling confident and looking fabulous. So, if you’re in the Scottsdale area, looking for a wig, topper, or hairpiece, don’t walk, run to Arizona Wig Boutique. They’ve got you covered, head to toe, or in this case, hair to heel!

The Hair Shop

7000 E Shea Blvd Suite J-170, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

The hair shop wigs scottsdale logo

Imagine walking into a treasure trove of hair goodies. A hub where every hair dream could be transformed into reality. Well, that’s exactly what you get at The Hair Shop in sunny Scottsdale. 

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill wig store. Nope! It’s the go-to wigs shop for every hair aficionado out there. 

And they don’t just carry wigs. They also house an extensive array of brand-name products such as 909® KeraTip®, 808® KeraTip®, 909® I-Tip, and 808® I-Tip Hair Extensions. They’ve got your hair fantasies covered, from Clip-In Hair Extensions to SkinWeft Hair and much more!

Stepping into The Hair Shop feels like a breath of fresh air. The store is consistently brimming with new and unique finds that keep regular customers on their toes. And if you’re a first-timer? Well, you’re in for a treat! This store’s variety is as fabulous as its quality, making it an ideal spot for both seasoned extension users and those venturing into this hair wonderland for the first time.

Yes, this place has an amazing selection that keeps folks coming back. But they’ve got incredible customer service too. Whether you’re a bride-to-be looking for the perfect clip-in extensions or a regular Joe in need of advice on a men’s hair system, the staff has a knack for making every customer feel cared for. From Jenni’s expert advice on selecting the right extensions to Wendy’s deep knowledge of their products, The Hair Shop is staffed with true hair maestros.

The cherry on top? Their quality. The Hair Shop’s products are designed to last, making them a fantastic investment for daily wear or special occasions. This is a sentiment echoed by many customers, who rave about the longevity and look of their extensions.

And, let’s not forget the folks going through health issues causing hair problems. The top-rate staff members at The Hair Shop is more than ready to lend a helping hand. They make this wig shop a true sanctuary for those in need.

Whether you’re in Scottsdale or driving from Mesa, the journey to The Hair Shop is a no-brainer. The combination of exceptional products, stellar service, and a cozy ambiance makes it the go-to place for all things hair. Don’t believe us? Just ask their army of loyal customers, or better yet, experience it for yourself!

Xtension Envy – Scottsdale

14850 N 87th St Ste 130 Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Xtension envy wigs scottsdale logo

You know, some wig stores just have the magic touch. And Xtension Envy in Scottsdale, Arizona is one of the special places that have it! This ain’t no ordinary wig shop. It’s a hair sanctuary for style-savvy ladies wanting a look that’s worth a million bucks but doesn’t empty the purse. 

But here’s the best part – they’ve spun the traditional wig store model on its head. How? By launching a unique hair extension club membership that’s easy on the pocket and flexible to fit any schedule. 

Talking about memberships, their innovative approach can score you up to a 50% discount. Isn’t that just peachy? Xtension Envy prides itself on offering the best value in Arizona, and it’s all thanks to Christine. She’s been a whiz in the beauty industry since the early ’90s, working as a stylist, regional trainer, and salon owner. Today, she’s leading the charge at Xtension Envy, providing top-notch services with a beaming smile and expertise. 

The salon’s specialty? I-Tips, U-Tips [fusion], Tape-in, Wefts, and Clip-in extensions made from 100% REMY® human hair. Talk about top-tier quality! Their customer reviews are a testament to this, with regulars raving about the remarkable transformations they’ve undergone. From color matching to seamless installations, there’s a unanimous chorus of praise.

Now, we all know that a wig shop isn’t just about hair – it’s about atmosphere, too. Xtension Envy doesn’t disappoint. Picture this: a salon with gorgeous decor, friendly staff, and a spot for your laptop while you’re getting glammed up. Not to mention, their schedule flexibility is as refreshing as a tall glass of iced tea on a scorching Scottsdale day. 

They even cater to those unsure about taking the leap into the world of extensions. The team’s patience, knowledge, and lack of pressure are appreciated by the customers, who end up leaving the salon happier each time. The salon’s versatility extends to their product range, offering high-quality cuts, colors, and styles.

At the end of the day, whether you’re a hair extension veteran or a curious newbie, Xtension Envy is a great destination for all your hair dreams. So, if you find yourself in Scottsdale, why not stop by and get the royal hair treatment? At Xtension Envy, you’ll get more than just a new do – you’ll get a hair experience that’ll have everyone green with envy.

Classy Sisters Wigs

15620 N 35th Ave, Ste 4, Phoenix, AZ 85053

Classy sister wigs scottsdale logo

Step into Classy Sisters Wigs in Scottsdale and you’ll immediately feel the difference! This full-service wig salon, founded by two sisters in 1999, serves up warmth, expertise, and a dash of fun. When Karen and Toni retired, Jummy took the helm, continuing their legacy of stellar customer service and compassion. 

Jummy’s medical background coupled with a passion for helping others boosts her ability to guide customers on a journey to look and feel like themselves.

At this wig shop you’ll find licensed Cosmetologists with over 30 years of experience to style and fit you with a wig. One customized to your lifestyle. The team doesn’t just sell you a wig; they ensure it’s the right color, fits perfectly, and suits your style. Whether you’re facing medical hair loss or just want to shake up your look, you’re in safe hands. 

From Jon Renau to Estetica, the selection is vast, accommodating diverse needs and budgets. More than just a wig store, the salon offers a variety of services like cutting, trimming, shampooing, and styling of wigs and hairpieces. Need to drop off your wig for some TLC? No problem! They’ll have it back to you in four to five days, looking good as new. Need a wig thinning or trimming? They’ve got your back. 

It’s not just the wigs that are top-notch here. The store carries wig care products, hats, scarves, and accessories for those undergoing medical treatments. The goal is to make you feel as comfortable as possible, helping you choose the best head covering for your situation.

But what sets Classy Sisters Wigs apart is the personal touch. The team goes above and beyond. From helping customers find grants to cover the cost of the wig, to creating an ambiance that makes wig shopping a fun, stress-free experience. When it’s time to party, they can transform their store into a fabulous birthday venue, complete with cupcakes and gift bags.

So whether you’re looking for a natural, everyday look or gearing up for a special occasion, head on over to Classy Sisters Wigs. Not just a wig store, it’s a community where everyone’s welcome, and laughter is the best accessory. Top-notch products, a wealth of knowledge, and a hefty dose of kindness – that’s Classy Sisters Wigs for you!

Convenience and Comfort: The Online Shopping Route

Want the luxury of exploring options right from your comfy couch? Online shopping serves as your personal gateway to a world of wigs and extensions. Reputed e-commerce wig stores, eBay, and Etsy are your go-to platforms, housing everything from ultra-luxurious human hair pieces to budget-friendly synthetic alternatives.

An added perk? You might stumble upon fantastic deals, saving hundreds on high-end wigs or toppers that have been returned or expertly refurbished. All while enjoying the privacy that online shopping offers!

Navigating the World of Wigs and Extensions

Whatever your motivation may be – combating hair loss, glamming up for an event, or just a refreshing change of style – our resourceful site is your constant companion.

Here you’ll find comprehensive information on top wig brands and their popular products. But that’s not all!

Stay in the Loop: Latest Trends and Useful Tips

Keep up with the latest celebrity hairstyles, their preferred wigs, and extensions. Further, our enlightening how-to guides and informative articles help you understand the intricacies of wig types, materials, styles, and more!

So, get set and dive into the exciting world of wigs and extensions!

Wrapping Up

Whether you prefer the convenience of online shopping or the hands-on approach of a local store, we hope this guide will serve as a beacon in your quest for the perfect human hair wigs in Scottsdale, AZ. Happy hunting!

If you want to shop locally in person, please visit our wig store listings now to find a wig store near you.

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