How To Put Hair Extensions In Short Hair

How to Put Hair Extensions in Short Hair: Rocking Extensions With Short Locks

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Yes, you can get extensions even if you’ve got short hair! But picking the type of extension needs some thought. Below you’ll learn how to put hair extensions in short hair.

The short version is this:

First, pick the color, then the type, then the length, and lastly, the way to attach them.

Let’s take a closer look at how this process works so you’ll be able to attach hair extensions in short hair like a pro!

How To Put Hair Extensions In Short Hair

First things first. Not every method of extensions will work for short hair. But if you’ve got short hair, extensions can change your look in an hour or less. So, if you’re looking for longer, fuller hair that’ll totally change the way you look, it’s worth a shot.

There are many ways to wear extensions with short hair. For example, clip-in hair extensions are a great choice. So let’s look at them first.

How to Use Clip Ins with Short Hair

Before clipping in the extensions, braid the bottom part of your hair and pin it with bobby pins.

Once that’s done, start at the bottom with the 3- and 4-clip wefts to make a strong base for your hair.

You’ll want the bigger wefts to stop right around your ears. Use the smaller wefts to add volume to the sides of your head, and hide them with your natural hair’s top layer.

Next, brush all your hair layers. Blend your layers with the hair extensions so the ends blend with the longer hair.

From here, you can choose a smooth, straight hairstyle or go for curls for a more laid-back look.

But clip-ins aren’t the only option, and there are still lots of others to pick from.

Permanent Hair Extensions for Short Hair

You can glue permanent hair extensions to short hair. If you go with this method, pre-bonded pieces are glued half an inch away from your scalp. They’re glued right into your own hair.

The same goes for the keratin-bonded type, which is thought to be better for your hair.

Tape In Extensions for Short Hair

Tape-in extensions are another good choice. Sticky tape is used to hold the strands instead of glue. They’re also great for straight hair because they lay flat on your head and you can’t really see them. Micro and pre-bonded hair extensions work well for thick, short hair.

Headband Extensions for Short Hair

Looking for something that doesn’t last as long? Headband hair extensions might be just right for you. This is a single piece that you can put on and wear in just a few minutes. A halo hair extension is one example of this.

More Tips for Short Hair Extensions

Thick hair extensions are best for short hair. But remember that your hair has to hold up the extensions. So, the thinner and weaker your hair, the shorter your extensions should be.

You don’t want to weigh down your hair and damage it. If your hair is jaw-length now, don’t try to make it waist-length.

14 to 16-inch clip-in hair extensions are your best bet. Short hair extensions for short hair are easier to mix in, lighter, and let you change your look bit by bit.

Wrapping up: How To Put Hair Extensions in Short Hair

So, if you have short hair and want to add some length or fullness, hair extensions are a great choice. When picking extensions, think about things like color, type, length, and how to attach them.

Clip-in extensions are popular for short hair. Permanent extensions like glue or tape-ins can also work for short hair, but make sure to pick the right kind for your hair thickness and don’t put too much on your hair. Headband extensions are a great choice for those who want something less permanent.

In the end, it’s important to pick the right kind of extension for your hair and be careful not to hurt your natural hair.