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Best Wigs Spokane

Has the desire to try out a sassy bob, a chic lob, or even long, flowing tresses taken hold of you?

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Well, if you’re in Spokane, Washington, and are yearning for the best human hair wigs or hair extensions, don’t fret. We’ve got all the information you need to embark on your hair transformation journey! Plus you’ll find info about the 4 top wig stores near me in Spokane.

Online Shopping or In-Store: Which One to Pick?

When you set off to search for your perfect human hair wig or extensions, you’ll face two primary choices. Do you go digital with online shopping, or take the more traditional route to a local Spokane wig store?

In-Store Shopping: The Tangible Touch

On the other hand, visiting a local Spokane wig store can provide invaluable assistance in discovering your ideal hair piece. There’s no substitute for seeing a wig in person. It’s the best way to assess the quality and texture of a wig. Plus you can get a custom fit, color, and style that suits your personal needs and preferences.

Wigs Spokane: The 4 Best Wig Stores in Spokane WA

The Essential Woman Boutique

507 S Sherman St, Spokane, WA 99202

Essential Woman Boutique wigs Spokane WA

There’s a place in Spokane, where empathy, compassion, and service blend seamlessly – The Essential Woman Boutique, a haven for women battling cancer. It’s not just a store; it’s a sanctuary for women seeking dignity, patience, and respect while they navigate their cancer journey.

Their staff? Nothing short of spectacular, trained and certified to assist with post-surgery needs like mastectomy breast forms or compression garments. They’re experts at making women feel confident, empowered, and essentially, themselves again.

At this store, it’s never about hustling products off the shelves. It’s about giving you time, listening, and helping find the products that fit your unique needs. They’ve got top-notch items, handpicked from the best brands like Jon Renau, Rene of Paris, Noriko, and more. And, when it comes to payments, they’re pretty chill. They handle insurance claims, even Medicare, so it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Ever tried wig shopping? At The Essential Woman, it’s an experience. With options like 100% Hand Tied, Lace Front, and Mono Top, you’re bound to find one that’s just right for you. The aim? To make you feel comfortable, to make you feel like ‘you’.

Walking into their Spokane store is like stepping into a warm, welcoming embrace. It’s more than just shopping; it’s therapeutic, it’s cathartic. Just ask the folks who’ve been there. From the woman who had a ‘normal’ day of shopping with her mom, to the individual who found the prices fair and the advice invaluable, the testimonials are glowing.

Remember the lady who was amazed by the selection of cute items? Wigs, swimsuits, scarves, bras, dresses – they’ve got them all. And the support continues even after your visit. Folks like Cindy and Carlotta continue to be there, ready to help out whenever needed. 

In a nutshell, The Essential Woman Boutique is more than just a store. It’s a beacon of hope and support, a gem in Spokane, making difficult times a little less challenging. And, in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about? Because you, dear friend, are essential.

Doctored Locks

2432 S Inland Empire Way, Spokane, WA 99224

docotored locks wigs spokane wa logo

When it comes to extensions, Doctored Locks in Spokane, Washington, is no ordinary shop. It’s a haven for hair enthusiasts who crave quality, innovation, and expert advice.

You’ll step into a world of top-notch hair products, led by Melinda, who goes by “Doc.” She’s a licensed stylist and international educator with 20 years of expertise in extensions.

Doctored Locks isn’t just a regular extensions store. It’s a community. You can swing by with your squad, settle into their comfy furniture, munch on complimentary snacks, and explore your new style in a relaxed, upbeat atmosphere. Hair extensions, after all, aren’t just about ‘extra hair’. They’re an investment in yourself and your image, and Doc and her team will help you protect that investment.

They carry an impressive range of hair extensions, including hand-tied wefts, tape-ins, clip-ins, nano hair, dreads, and more. Also, they are a Bohyme authorized dealer? 

But wait, there’s more. They ship worldwide, and if your order is over $100, domestic shipping is on the house. The ordering process is a breeze, and payments are 100% safe and secure. It’s all about customer satisfaction, and they’ve got a ton of great reviews to prove it! 

From the quality of their products to their exceptional customer service, Doctored Locks is nailing it. Whether it’s your first time trying dreads, or you’re a seasoned pro looking for a new supplier, Doctored Locks is there to help every step of the way. They’re quick to respond to queries, and they even take the time to send pictures of different colors. 

They also offer free training and customer support, along with a slew of helpful tutorial videos on YouTube. These folks aren’t just selling products; they’re empowering you to achieve your hair goals. 

In short, Doctored Locks is a gem of a store in Spokane that’s making waves in the world of extensions. So check them out if you’re in Spokane or visit their online store. If you’re looking for extensions, you won’t be disappointed!

Wrightway Beauty Supply

2103 N Division St, Spokane, WA 99207

wrightway beauty supply spokane wa

Imagine you’ve just stumbled upon a treasure trove of beauty essentials in the heart of Spokane. A place where everyone’s welcome and the atmosphere’s as warm as the wigs are stylish. That’s WrightWay Beauty, a veteran-owned, Black-owned wig haven that’s got you covered from head to toe. 

Strutting into WrightWay, you’re met with an impressive range of wigs, braiding hair, and all sorts of hair care products. You name it, they’ve got it. Looking for bob wigs or perhaps lusting after curly ones? Fancy a switch-up with long or straight wigs? Well, let’s just say, this place is a hair addict’s dream!

And here’s the kicker – it’s not just the products that set WrightWay apart, it’s the people. The moment you step in, you’re greeted by knowledgeable and friendly staff, always ready to lend a helping hand. Take Grace, for example, who balances customer attention with effortless ease, all while braiding hair in the back! And the owner, well, folks can’t help but rave about her warm demeanor and readiness to assist with all your needs.

Remember Cindy who had tons of questions about her first wig? Or the lady who needed a confidence boost as she battled her illness? Both found more than just a product at WrightWay. They found a community, a place that made them feel seen, understood, and cared for. It’s these moments of connection, of empathy, that truly put WrightWay in a league of its own.

Did we mention how helpful they are with tricky hair questions? Offering tips and tricks of the trade, WrightWay staff are always ready to solve your hair dilemmas. From showing you how to box braid and corn row the right way, to suggesting effective products for hair health, they’ve got your back.

And you know what’s the cherry on top? Their fantastic online shopping experience. Easy to navigate, with a wealth of options to explore, you’re sure to find the perfect piece to suit your style. Even when things go a bit sideways, like when one customer’s chosen item was unavailable, the team steps up to offer personalized solutions.

So, whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect wig, yearning to change up your hair game, or simply looking for a place where you’re more than just a customer, swing by WrightWay Beauty. Trust us, you’ll leave feeling blessed, not just because they tell you to, but because you’ve found a gem in Spokane.

Sally Beauty

2401 W Wellesley Ave D, Spokane, WA 99205

Sally Beauty spokane wa logo

Welcome to Sally Beauty® in Spokane, the place to go when you need top-notch beauty products at wallet-friendly prices. Need hair, makeup, or nail care stuff? How about pro-quality tools like curling wands? They’ve got you covered. And if you’re hunting for salon equipment, they’ve got plenty of that too, all backed by a solid ‘Love It or Return It’ guarantee. 

Sally Beauty is super proud of their own exclusive brands, designed to give you the best ingredients and tech, without emptying your wallet. Some of these include ion®, a top-quality hair color and care line, bondbar™, for hair bond repair, Strawberry Leopard™ for bold hair color and care, and GVP®, a hair care and tool line. And they’ve got the big names too, like Clairol, L’Oréal, Wella, and Conair.

The folks working at Sally Beauty® Spokane are nothing short of amazing. Even if you walk in just before closing time, they’re always ready to help, with a smile. Staff members like Liz and Kendall have won folks over with their helpfulness and knowledge. Even the manager is a whizz at hair coloring.

In short, Sally Beauty® Spokane is the bee’s knees when it comes to beauty supplies. They’ve got a friendly team, a clean and neat store, and they even carry premium nail polish. If you’re looking for a place that brings together quality, good prices, and fab customer service, you’ve found it.

Online Shopping: Convenience and Confidentiality

Opting for online shopping is super convenient, very private and can save you some money. There are a lot of reputable wig e-commerce platforms you can turn to. Plus, you can also get some great deals from sellers on well-known sites like eBay and Etsy. From ultra-luxury human hair wigs and extensions to budget-friendly synthetic alternatives, these platforms house an extensive variety of choices.

Our Resources: Your Treasure Trove

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Get Set, Go!

We believe in making your wig-finding journey as smooth as possible. We hope this page proves helpful as you hunt for the best human hair wigs in Spokane, WA. Here’s to you finding the perfect wig that lets you flaunt your style with confidence and flair!

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