Giuliana Rancic Plans to Have a Double Mastectomy

Giuliana Rancic Plans to Have a Double Mastectomy

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Sad news from the E! network this week as E!News host Giuliana Rancic announced Monday she’s decided to have a double mastectomy. The decision came after undergoing a double lumpectomy for breast cancer. On the ‘Today’ show Giuliana’s husband Bill Rancic stated that the lumpectomies did not remove all of the cancer cells.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic at the Today Show
Giuliana and Bill Rancic at the Today Show credit

Shortly after the announcement her fans were using twitter to express their support for her. Even celebrities like Denise Richards tweeted “@GiulianaRancic @billrancic sending you both lots of prayers and love!!!!”

Giuliana and Bill replied, with Giuliana tweeting: “Thank you for ur love” and “Thank u all!”

Then Bill followed again with: “Thank you for the outpouring of prayers for Giuliana!”

The entrepreneur has been very supportive of his wife since she was first diagnosed with breast cancer during a routine checkup last year. They have been married now for four years, and have had more than their share of martial challenges. Before the cancer was discovered the two were trying to have children, which wasn’t going well either. However it was the baby, who has not yet been conceived, that has likely saved Giuliana’s life. It was during testing her doctor required before doing a procedure, that the cancer was detected.

Giuliana , told she still has her vulnerable moments. “Usually, it’s two in the morning, and I’ll turn around from Bill so I don’t wake him up, and I just cry,” the 37-year-old said. “I sob and think, ‘How did this happen?” She continued, “My breasts have never defined me, and they never will.”

A double mastectomy can greatly reduce the chance of cancer recurrence, but it’s not a guarantee. It can also depend on the type of cancer, whether it’s spread to lymph nodes, and how aggressive it is. Giuliana’s doctors say that there will be less than a 1% chance that the cancer could return.

Guiliana also has the support of a “pink pal”, a friend of hers Lindsay Avner. Lindsay had an elective mastectomy when she was 23 due to being at high risk for developing breast cancer and she is the founder of Be Bright Pink. Be Bright Pink is a group that aids and councels women at high risk for the disease or who are going through a difficult time such as losing a friend or family member to cancer. Lindsey just showed Guiliana her breasts and said this is what a mastectomy looks like. Linsay had had reconstructive surgery and her breasts looked just like regular breasts, with just a few scars. It really helped Giuliana by taking away the fear and mystery of what it all would look like.